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Rock On!

A couple of über-hip moms give their picks for bouncy seats that shake, rattle and... lull.By Chelsea Gladden and Alex OtaConsider this the Elvis of baby chairs. The innovative side-to-side sway keeps your baby movin’ and swayin’ just like The King. With five unique motions, Junior …

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Finding Baby’s First Sitter

You’re finally ready for a night off, but how do you find a sitter you can trust? By Nanny Stella of Nanny 911Hiring the right babysitter is a serious task. You don’t want anyone to be cavalier caring for your children, so don’t you be cavalier when hiring them.The Search Use all of …

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Banking on Baby’s Health

By Ziba Kashef, Editor at Large There’s yet another decision that isn’t so cut and dried: saving your child’s cord blood. This update should clear things up When Jenny Levine was pregnant with her first child, her ob/gyn gave her an info packet with a brochure on umbilical cord–blood …

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Baby’s First Classroom

Can you make your child smarter before she’s born? Here’s what the experts are saying about the latest trends in prenatal educationBy Brooke Lea FosterWhen Elizabeth Lam was three months pregnant, she visited her local Babies“R”Us. The kindergarten teacher and first-time mom …

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How Many Activity Mats Does a Baby Really Need?

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Until recently (really until Alan was born), I was convinced that I only wanted girls, that girls were the superior sex and that I would build an all-female army of feisty, intelligent, super hot women out of my daughters who would one day rule the world Lysistrata-style.Shockingly, I was …

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Building Active Babies

The other day a friend and I were talking about someone we know and how her very thin mother always pressures her to lose weight. I was being my usual judgmental self and was denouncing that mother with fervor, until it occurred to me that I kind of got it.It would never berate or insult my …

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Last week a friend told me that she was fired from a daycare after only one day. Apparently her son had “too much separation anxiety.”I felt for her. But my own experience has been so different. Sam can’t wait to get me out the door.“Bye mommy,” she calls when I leave her at the …

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

We are best friends. We are sparring partners. Nobody gets me like he does. He has given me infinite freedom to explore myself and never held me back from anything, always supporting me, always listening.My parents always told me that the worst times in their 25-year marriage came after I was …

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Kids Grow. Fast.

One of the hardest parts of having children is accepting that they will grow. Each stage is so beautiful and yet so fleeting. I swear, I have a different child week to week.My daughter went from this:To this:In what seemed like a moment. With her, it has been exciting to …

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