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Catching Up

My husband is the kind of father who rushes home from work at 5 to spend as much time with his children as he can.He bathes our daughter, puts her to bed every night, reads her dozens of books everyday and takes her on special outings to the grocery and hardware stores.I realize his …

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Daddy Dearest

Lately it seems like every mother I know is having issues with her husband and shared responsibility.Even I, who have always been entirely 50/50 with my husband have seen some big changes since our son was born.With our daughter, my husband was an equal partner--I swear he changed more of …

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Burn, Baby Burn….

When I was pregnant with my daughter back in late 2006, I heard about an event so exciting, it took me two years to get there. Baby Loves Disco.The premise is simple—50 parents who miss their club-going days invade a club during daylight hours, their youngsters in tow. Martinis, beer and wine …

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No Trainer

There are many things I would like to spend money on—a new wardrobe (for when I fit back into my old sizes), new shoes (for the time when I don’t) and cooking/cleaning help from now until eternity. But one thing I will not spend money on is a physical trainer.I am not knocking the …

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Numbers Matter

Since having my first child at 29, I have often wondered what the right age is to become a mother.According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average age of a woman in the US having her first child is 25, but in my neck of the woods (Boston), it often seems more like …

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Reality Check

You know all that advice you read for pregnant women? The whole “don’t gain more than 35 pounds (or less than 25) if you are a normal weight to begin with?”Completely unrealistic.I gained 50 pounds with both pregnancies. I am a relatively small woman, below average weight, 5’5” …

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Meet Sasha, Mommy Blogger Extraordinare

If you’d asked me five years ago where I would be five years from then, I doubt I would have said here: two children, a dog, a cat, a mortgage and a burgeoning freelance writing career. But here I am.My parents had their children 8 years apart, a decision that, in retrospect seems very wise. …

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