Circumcision: Is it the right decision?

Making The Cut. One dad decides whether to circumcise his newborn sonDoctor or midwife?  Natural or epidural?  The decisions that confronted my pregnant wife were overwhelming.  Still, she attacked them with aplomb, stacking baby books precariously on the nightstand and, in a stunning …

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8 baby care tips for new dads

Father’s Daze - A new dad’s guide to baby care New dads have an image problem. We’re often seen as clueless and inept, with all the natural parenting ability of a canned ham. This is not our fault, at least partly. Unlike women, we were not born knowing what a “layette” is or that …

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On my Father’s Day list this year

Fathers Day always brings a lot of questions of what to buy dad. Long gone are the days of buying a tie, and flowers for dad might be appreciated but don’t really feel like a dad gift somehow. Here are some other ideas for slightly larger budgets of things dad might actually get stoked about. You …

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Living at High Altitude doubles risk of SIDS

Families living at high altitudes should be aware of a 2x higher risk of SIDS says a new study reported by the New York Times. Living at high altitude is associated with increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome, a new report has found.Researchers studied Colorado birth certificate and …

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New word: Baby lag

The out of sorts feeling you get when you've been up three times in the middle of the night with a crying or feeding baby and the next day you have a headache, upset stomach and general disorientation.  Baby lag is like jet lag, only worse because there is a cumulative effect of sleep deprivation. …

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7 tips for recovery from a C-Section

I recently wrote about my unplanned C-section recently on here, and today I wanted to share a few tips on how I had a good recovery from the surgery. Remember – your body is recovering from major surgery, as well as adjusting to caring for a newborn, so have realistic expectations! It will take …

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Research suggests that breastfeeding can reduce infants’ arsenic exposure

The benefits of breastfeeding has been long documented, and we know that nursing our infants can boost their intelligence, increase their immunity, and reduce their chances of developing type 1 and type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol later in life. Now a new study from Dartmouth College in …

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How Real Moms Save Money This Holiday Season

Here are some good ideas for keeping expenses low (or at least lower) around the holidays. We especially like ideas around making things ourselves and home baking since it really gets us into the holiday spirit to spend a Sunday afternoon baking cookies to give to friends. Quite frankly though, …

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Are Antidepressants Safe During Pregnancy?

Are Antidepressants Safe During Pregnancy?While past advice was that depression during pregnancy was more dangerous than the possible side effects of drugs to treat depression, this thinking is changing.Are Antidepressants Safe During Pregnancy? -

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Having a baby is expensive! How are you saving?

You're excited about having a baby, but worries about how you'll afford it are starting to rain on your parade. We all know babies are expensive, but you never really grasp just how much of a hole they'll burn in your pocket until they're here.According to the Department of …

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