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Valco Baby Snap and Snap4 Stroller

MSRP: Snap $249.99, Snap4 $279.99Valco Baby’s Snap line sets a new standard for comfort, maneuverability and portability in a compact stroller. Combining an ultra-lightweight frame with all of the features parents expect to find on a full-service stroller, the Valco Baby Snap is perfect …

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Shuga Bébé Couture Nursing Pillows

MSRP: $89.99Designed by a mom of 4, Shuga Bébé Couture introduces a fresh new take on the traditional nursing pillow. An idea born out of a combination of frustration and necessity, Shuga Bébé Couture has designed a nursing pillow like no other. Eliminating the daunting task of wrapping a …

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Naturepedic Mattresses

MSRP: MC-24 (pictured) $259.When you’re shopping for your baby’s nursery, did you start by picking out the perfect crib and dresser set? You probably envision your bundle of joy in the crib so you want to pick that out first! After all, your baby could spend up to 16 hours a day …

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Líllébaby Baby Carrier

MSRP: $135The idea that functional and beautiful everyday objects should be available to everyone is a core theme in Scandinavian design. With a Scandinavian foundation, the líllébaby® brand has been true to its roots and has shown a warm passion for combining functionality and …

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Diaper pails: Beyond the garbage can

Where there are babies, there will be diapers. While the smell might be tolerable for the first several months of infancy, once your baby starts eating solid food, it’s a whole other realm of nasal suffering. Depending on how often you change the trash and whether you use cloth or disposable …

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The baby mattress: why it’s among top 3 in importance

When you're getting ready for your baby, you’re sure to start thinking of all the nursery gear you'll need, like a crib, changing table, diaper pail and a rocking chair. The last item you're going to remember is probably a crib mattress. It's certainly not the most exciting purchase you'll make, …

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Citrus Lane Care Packages

MSRP: $25/monthCitrus Lane was started by moms with one simple idea: To create a service to help parents find the best products for babies and kids.Our signature service, the box subscription service uses a combination of extensive product research, expert recommendations, and feedback from …

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Bitybean’s UltraCompact Carrier

MSRP:  $59.95Bitybean’s UltraCompact Carrier is a cleverly, compact, child carrier, designed and engineered with state of the art materials for ease and comfort for active families. Weighing just 8 ounces and smaller than a water bottle, the UltraCompact Carrier fits in any bag or purse. …

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Always In View Baby Monitor

MSRP- $199.99Always In View is a video, baby monitor designed exclusively for cars.  A high-definition camera placed inside the plush broadcasts images of the baby to a color monitor conveniently placed on the dashboard of the car.  A puppy, giraffe, or monkey plush, each with long arms …

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4 steps to breastfeeding success

Breastfeeding Step-by-Step Learn your baby’s signs of hunger. She may root or nuzzle your breast, move her mouth as though she’s feeding, and become more fussy or alert. Start by finding a comfortable position. Use pillows to support your arms and back, and position your baby so that …

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