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Kelly Kotzman is mom to a little boy just under a year old. She loves spending time with her little family on the beach & traveling. Her son has already proven to be quite the traveler. Kelly works in technology and while passionate about the space, also loves leaving technology behind as much as possible on the weekends!

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Preggonista – montlhy style for mommies to be – a perfect treat for yourself or a friend

I ordered this for a friend and was thrilled with how great the selection of treats in the first delivery was.  The first box came with the cutest black dress, a necklace, some belly butter and a cute preggonista tee shirt. In this box, the dress stole the show.  The maker of the dress is …

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ChooMee Sip’n – finally a solution to make pouches easy for toddlers

I love the convenience of pouches, but with my son’s painful teething it was difficult to just hand the pouch over.  With the Sip’n I can finally just hand my son a pouch and let him enjoy it.  There are a few benefits to using these things, I’m totally hooked and keep them in a few …

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Loopy Gear – what babies love and moms need!

As a relatively new mom who is slightly germ obsessed, this is the perfect find.  We started using Loopys with my son and find these as a great solution to the ever present challenge of keeping his toys off of the ground.  He is an active one and constantly throws his toys when he’s done …

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HABA USA Pushing Car Walker Wagon — My son loves it & it looks great in my living room!

My son loved this toy before we even finished putting it together.  He started pushing it around before we added the handle, which of course then made it even more fun for him.  The Pushing Car Walker Wagon is a high quality toy with really great craftsmanship.  In addition to my son loving the …

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Step2 Glo Buddy Turtle Night Light – Perfect for Bedtime

  We recently put the Glo Buddy night light in our son’s nursery and he loves it.  This is the perfect solution if you’re thinking about how to add some soft light to the room at bedtime in a way that isn’t disruptive to the normal bedtime routine.   Our turtle sits just beside the …

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Boon ORB bottle warmer – simple, durable & reliable

  As soon as my baby started taking a bottle, I realized how important it was to have a good bottle warmer.  The Boon ORB is one of the best out there, I’ve already been through a couple that have broken and this one is definitely more durable.   For the Boon ORB in particular, I …

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Baby carrier review: líllébaby COMPLETE

We love this baby carrier, which is different than other carriers for a number of reasons.  If you’re looking for a versatile baby carrier that will grow with your baby, the líllébaby COMPLETE is a good option.  We've also have the Baby Bjorn & the Ergo (both hand-me-downs) in addition to …

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Jaxxwear baby clothes — soft & adorable!

We recently tried a Jaxxwear (http://jaxxwear.com/) baby outfit for our 7 month old.  It’s now one of our favorites. We got the Pool Geo Polo Shortall, and it’s so precious on our little boy.  The Jaxxwear outfit is incredibly soft and comfortable.  The clothes are made from a special …

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We love the LaLa Lounger

We use our LaLa Lounger all the time and our baby absolutely loves it.  I can’t say enough about this product and how much we appreciate and use it. The LaLa lounger is basically a big floor cushion that you can set your baby in/on.  It’s a square shape with raised edges so it worked well …

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Evenflo Exersaucer – A day at the beach

My six month old loves the Evenflo ‘A Day at the Beach’ Exersaucer.  It is a great product for this in between period when he’s starting to discover his feet, toes, hands and fingers.  The exersaucer has 31 different activities, so it keeps my little one busy and gives him a chance to make …

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