The power of a birth plan

I didn’t want to write a birth plan. I tend to be a bit of an anxious person and, inside, I knew I was pretty tied to what birth I hoped to have (as natural as possible!). Writing it all down would have made my desires too firm, and my instincts told me it was crucial to be flexible. Well, at …

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How to create a safer, eco-friendly nursery

Whether you’re a Sierra Club card carrying vegetarian or don’t think twice about throwing plastic bottles in the trash, there’s nothing like being pregnant to make you want to live a more environmentally conscious life. The nursery is one place where your eco-friendly intentions and …

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Exergen Temporal Scanner with Smart Glow

I admit, this thermometer’s unique way of taking temps, with a swipe of the forehead, takes some getting used to. But with a baby who is now about to be potty trained, the typical method of checking for a fever had become even more awkward than learning the swipe technique. It’s hard …

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9 tips for traveling with baby

Planning a trip is no easy feat, especially when you throw kids in the mix. What starts as a relaxing family getaway can quickly become a stress-filled nightmare if you don’t plan accordingly. We asked family travel expert Suzanne Rowan Kelleher, managing editor at the family travel website …

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How to create a breastfeeding sanctuary

Breastfeeding works best when you’re comfortable, so set up a special space for feeding time. Some items you may want to include:A comfortable chair – Feeding time for a newborn takes most of the day, whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, so a soft chair that supports …

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Breastfeeding myths—BUSTED!

As with a lot of things involving pregnancy and babies, there are a lot of crazy ideas about breastfeeding. Here are a myths few along with the real story. MYTH #1: Taking a breastfeeding break helps you produce more milk. THE TRUTH: The more you breastfeed, the more milk your body makes. So, if …

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6 Benefits of breastfeeding

Bennies of the BreastSure, you’ve heard that breast is best, but here are some interesting facts about how and why nursing is so nifty.Breastfeeding can make your baby smarter, according to 2002 research that tracked children from babyhood into their teens.Breastfed …

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Breastfeeding diet do’s and don’ts

A quick list of what’s healthy—and what’s not.DO’sDO continue to take your prenatal vitamin after baby’s born. DO include lots of protein in your diet. Lean meat, fish and chicken, cheese, eggs, and legumes help your body make breast milk. DO make sure you get plenty of …

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The Scoop on Lactation Consultants

Who are they? Professionals trained to help new moms and dads with breastfeeding questions and challenges. Do you need one? Yes—especially if they’re available at your hospital for free, and most are. Even if you think you’re doing fine, it can’t hurt to have someone stop in during a …

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Can you be “prepared?”

Get Your Preparedness Badge Parenting seems to be one place where the Boy Scout motto doesn’t apply.  Sure, you can “Be Prepared,” but I’ve found that there are turns in the trail that couldn’t have been foreseen. My son, for example, was nothing I imagined. First, I hoped for a girl. …

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