First time mothers breastfeeding more, but is breast really best?

More first time mothers in the U.S. are making the decision to breastfeed their infants. This new trend may help decrease the number of infantile medical issues, as breastfeeding is undoubtedly accompanied by a host of health benefits. But with National Breastfeeding Month upon us, we have to …

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Sex drive after birth: Advice for first time mothers

A recent study looked at the average libido of new dads and first time mothers, and found that stress and fatigue can, understandably, drastically affect sex lives post-baby. However, researchers also found that new parents will experience "sexual highs" given the limited free time they have to be …

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6 natural pregnancy tips for help conceiving

When it comes to getting ready for baby, oftentimes the hardest part is just getting pregnant in the first place!For women who are struggling to conceive, the path to having a little guy or gal can often be unclear and, at certain moments, downright frustrating. As women work to get pregnant, …

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Cute maternity dresses and outfits for fall

Cute maternity dresses can make all the difference in the fall when the weather is changing and the temperatures are slipping into cooler climates. From sweaters to fuzzy socks, the warmer clothing that women can wear, the more likely they are to feel comfortable during the seasons as they …

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How to get pregnant naturally in your 40s

Some women prefer to put off pregnancy while they establish themselves professionally in the world. From achieving that dream job to getting a promotion at a company you've worked at for several years, earning your way up the corporate ladder takes time and patience. For ladies who have yet to meet …

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Newest Issue – Prepping for Baby

Get Your Preparedness Badge Parenting seems to be one place where the Boy Scout motto doesn’t apply. Sure, you can “Be Prepared,” but I’ve found that there are turns in the trail that couldn’t have been foreseen. My son, for example, was nothing I imagined. First, I hoped for a girl. …

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Top 10 must-have pregnancy clothes

When your baby bump starts expanding, you might begin panicking about your wardrobe. Your go-to jeans no longer fit, your favorite top looks downright silly and your boobs are spilling over the cups of your bras. Not to worry - there are plenty of pregnancy clothes options that will keep you …

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