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Lisa Fields is a freelance writer who frequently covers health, nutrition, parenting and pregnancy. She writes for Reader's Digest, WebMD, Self, Shape, Pregnancy, Fit Pregnancy, American Profile and other publications. She lives in New Jersey.

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Sleep tips for every trimester

9 Months Of Sound SleepEveryone tells you to get your rest now before the baby comes. Well, sleeping like a baby while growing a baby is no easy feat! But a good night’s sleep is possible.Here are the biggest sleep obstacles you’ll encounter over the next 40 weeks and some tricky ways to get …

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11 Nursing must-haves

No matter how much you’ve mentally prepared to become a breastfeeding mom, there’s no way to predict what you’ll feel emotionally and physically when your newborn latches on for the first time. “The first week it was painful when my daughter ate, and when she was done, my nipples looked …

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