Bumbo floor seat

I have been using the Bumbo floor seat for about a month.  I got it when my son was only 5 months old and could not sit on his own. We are still using the Bumbo today even though he is 6 months old and fully able to sit on his own.  The Bumbo has many uses and I am sure I have not discovered …

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Innopbaby Sippin’ Smart™ ez flow straw sippy / 10 oz

My 17 month old has been using the Sippin’ Smart™ ez flow straw sippy / 10 oz for a month now.  Before I comment on this cup I would like to say that my daughter has chewed through every sippy cup I have given her or stuck her finger in the silicone slit of the spout and ripped it wide …

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7 A.M. Enfant baby carriers

The 7 A.M. Enfant’s Blanket 212 eveloution and Le Sac Igloo are perhaps some of the highest quality and best designed items I own for my two children.  I cannot give enough praise to these baby carrier covers.  I am so impressed by the design, function and quality. Pros:These baby carrier …

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Evenflo Jump and Learn Excersaucer

The Evenflo Jump and Learn Excersaucer is the newest addition to our playroom.  It has a jungle theme and is designed in multiple shades of green with colorful animals attached to its perimeter.  All of the toys are easily detachable so we can take them along for my son to play with when we are …

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My First Year card

The My First Year card by StrangeBirdyStudios is a detailed report card for all of your baby's progress.  It is made of lightweight cardboard, folds into three sections, is about 5x7 and contains a bunch of data for you to record about your little one.  It allows you to keep track of everything …

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WarmZe bottle warmer

The WarmZe bottle warming wrap and bottle soc is a clever and convenient invention.  Conceptually, it is very much like the boot warmers and hand warmers I use when I go snow skiing.  The WarmZe starter kit comes with everything you need to warm your baby’s bottle when you are on the go. …

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PAIGELAUREN baby romper

The PAIGELAUREN BABY - CLASSIC TWOFER ROMPER W/FOOTSIE with matching hat and little blanket is one of the sweetest  little outfits I own for my new baby boy.  It is so very soft and comfy for my little guy and he looks so adorable in it.  I have the meadow green colored romper which is just …

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Pura stainless – bottle system

I am a mother of an 11 ½ month old girl and expecting my second child in 6 weeks. Needless to say my days are full and tiring since I am waddling around while trying to chase my little girl. Having said this, I appreciate finding fabulous products to incorporate into my family’s life that add to …

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Perry Mackin diaper bag

Beautiful, stylish, durable, functional, luxurious, ample, water resistant, spacious….I just can’t say enough about the Perry Mackin diaper bag. This bag has every bell and whistle that a diaper bag should, along with a fashionable yet understated design that both my husband and I love. I am …

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B kids – Stack ‘n Roll Little Golf

The Stack ‘n Roll Little Golf by B kids is a great toy for so many reasons. It encourages my 11 ½ month old girl to use her motor skills, cognitive skills, and best of all, her creativity. I am the kind of mom who wants my child to learn while she is having fun playing, as I am sure most moms …

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