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As Products Editor for Pregnancy Magazine, Michelle enjoys reviewing the latest and greatest baby and toddler products to hit the market. With two little ones of her own, she has firsthand, in-depth experience with a wide array of juvenile products as well as ready help from her junior reviewers in testing everything from strollers to toys. Her background in Engineering and Product Design lend to an appreciation for well-designed products that are solidly constructed and created with the end consumer in mind.

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Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts for New Moms

While you’re running around preparing for the holidays and buying gifts for everyone else this year, don’t forget a little something special for yourself as well.  Or, better yet, if you have loved ones who are looking to pamper you for all the work you’ve put into being the best mom out …

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Epson LabelWorks 400

As we prepared to send our daughter to daycare for the first time, we found ourselves labeling clothing, bottles and everything else we sent with her.  While Sharpies and masking tape could have done the trick, the Epson LabelWorks printer makes this part of preparing your child for daycare more …

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BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light 2

From the company known for their top-of-the-line baby carriers comes a travel crib so light and simple to set up that you’ll be happy to take it with you wherever you go.  It fits in a slim carry bag that stows easily in the smallest of trunks or closets and unfolds into a play yard that …

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Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts for Baby

The holidays are quickly approaching, and no doubt you’re starting to wonder what gifts will bring a smile to your little one’s face this year.  Need a few ideas?  From great baby care items to toys for the older tots, we’ve got a few baby and toddler-tested items that your child is sure to …

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Ubbi Diaper Pail

 The Ubbi Diaper Pail deserves words that I never thought I would attribute to a diaper pail – beautiful, sleek and stink-free.  Made of stainless steel with rubber gaskets, this pail contains dirty diapers in a way that my previous plastic diaper bin never could.  We can now go an …

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S’well Water Bottle

The S’well water bottle is a sleek and elegant insulated water bottle that is a great accessory to keep any expectant or new mom well hydrated.  When pregnant with my first child, I was surprised by how thirsty I constantly found myself and took to carrying water around on a regular basis.  …

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Kelty Speedster Swivel-Deluxe & Deuce Jogging Strollers

Kelty has been a go-to brand for quality outdoor goods since 1952.  Over the past sixty years, they’ve grown from their well-known camping gear to includes, which burst onto the scene with child carriers and has since introduced a line of jogging strollers.  With a focus on designing products …

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Twotara Newborn Clothing Line

Want the surprise of learning your baby’s gender at birth without fating your newborn to wear only neutral yellows and greens for the first few months of his or her young life?  The Twotara line of infant clothing is a simple concept that addresses an age-old problem and begs the question, …

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