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Back to Work Essentials for New Moms

 Mom’s Back to Work Essentials with zulily’s Maternity Expert, Robin Otto  Moms have a lot to think about when returning to work after having a baby. From catching up on missed months to getting home early enough to spend some quality time with the little …

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New (& Not at All Embarrassing) Way to Meet Mom Friends

As cute as all that baby babbling is, sometimes you need a little adult conversation. Better yet, you need an exciting new group of friends to bond with. Good thing Mom Meet Mom has come around. Think of it as an online matchmaking service for moms, because it hooks you up with like-minded …

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The Baby-Shusher: calms crying babies

You’ll try anything to get your baby to stop crying — rocking, singing lullabies, even dancing a jig (let’s hear it for distraction tactics). But now that Baby Shusher is here, you have an easy solution at the ready.What Is It? Baby Shusher is a handheld device that works like a white …

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Unofficial Guide to picking trendy baby names

Our Unofficial (& Slightly Silly) Guide to Trending Baby Names Naming a baby is one of life’s most important decisions. No pressure! While you may had your heart set on a name since you were playing with dolls, for most of us, pregnancy is a time to really get the wheels turning. Let us be …

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Glamourmom Maternity Bra Tank

I love, love, love this tank!  I have the large, black tank and plan on getting the extra large next!  I have worn it between weeks 17 and 27 of my pregnancy and it has retained it's shape, support and color - which rarely happens with any clothing I own.  The material is soft and …

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