The doc is in: Your pregnancy questions answered!

Pregnancy Magazine's obstetrician, Dr. Stephen Weiss, answers your pressing prenatal questions. Today, he's talking about pregnancy-safe skincare. If you missed our first installment with Dr. Weiss, you can check out his first trimester Q&A here. Safe skincare  Q: I recently read …

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Is it postpartum depression or the baby blues?

Just two days after bringing my glowing baby girl home from the hospital, postpartum depression (PPD) hit me like a tornado. It sucked me into a dizzying blur of insomnia, unrelenting anxiety, and inexplicable crying. Must be the “baby blues,” I told myself… until months later, shaking in …

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Simple tips for a more peaceful nursery

Creating harmony in baby's room  Newborns can benefit from balance in their lives, and with a nursery designed according to the Chinese art of feng shui, “the child will be at peace and naturally sleep well,” says Valerie Bogdan, a feng shui consultant in Long Branch, NJ.Feng shui is …

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Your room-by-room guide to organizing for baby’s arrival

When I brought my son home from the hospital, I couldn’t wait to spend time with him in his beautiful new nursery. Eventually I learned there was one major problem with my plan. It seemed as though everything I needed was in some other part of the house. I spent so much time looking for feeding …

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Join an online mom group to beat the new mom blues

You knew things would change, but now that baby’s here meeting for coffee requires a degree in logistics. A simple girls’ night out can mean weeks of planning. If keeping up with your former social circle feels like driving a three-wheeled stroller across Siberia, you're not …

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Your morning sickness diet

Here’s how to find healthy foods you can keep down, so you can power through your first trimester of pregnancy!Prior to getting pregnant, there was nothing I loved more than a juicy grilled chicken sandwich or some pulled pork piled high with fried onions. But …

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How to achieve a safer, less toxic home for baby

Dump that caddy of toxic potions and make your nest as safe as it is cleanI’ll never forget the moment I found out I was pregnant for the first time: the excitement, the overwhelming joy, and then, of course, the panic. The idea of being responsible for something so small and …

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How not to keep your pregnancy secret

Fortunately, my wife had a bout of chronic stomach pain a couple of weeks after we found out she was pregnant. One night she woke up in excruciating pain and I knew at once that we had to get to hospital. About eight sleepless hours and all manner of pain meds— from aspirin to horse …

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The pregnancy-safe way to beat cold and flu

Pregnancy may guarantee you a seat on the bus, but it doesn’t grant you a free pass from germs. In fact, your developing baby puts your immune system into relaxation mode, making you more susceptible to everyday illnesses. This dip in resistance may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s crucial—if …

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Your first trimester questions – answered!

All right, moms-to-be, the doctor is in! Our OB, Dr. Stephen Weiss, answers your first trimester questions. Smoked out Q: I’ve been to a few parties this winter where I can smell smoke from a fire in the fireplace. I’ve read that breathing smoke can be harmful for a fetus. How …

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