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An Unplanned C-Section

The birth of your child is extremely personal and unique- and yet, somehow, very much the same.The CDC says that in 2013, Cesarean sections accounted for 32.7% of all births in the United States. That’s a lot- approximately 1.2 million, give or take.Talk to any mom, seasoned or rookie, …

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New study finds babies breastfed longer are smarter

We all know that breastfeeding is good for baby, with recent studies finding all kinds of new benefits. However, there has long been a debate about how long an infant should be breastfed for. While many experts agree that the ideal time-frame is around six to eight months, a new study has found …

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Grammy Winner Kelly Clarkson Talks About Motherhood and Her Pregnancy

There is nothing more precious in this world than a child. Becoming a parent is one of the most special things that can happen to a couple, but  for Grammy winner, and songstress Kelly Clarkson, motherhood has really hit home for her.After growing up without a father, watching her music …

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Cute, easy and inexpensive pregnancy announcement ideas!

By CandiceWilliams Who doesn’t love a good “We’re Expecting!” announcement? They can be hysterical, heart warming, or just plain cute, but they all have one thing in common: making everyone so emotional! Whether it’s your first or your fifth baby, we’ve rounded up some cute …

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11 Crazy Ways To (NOT) Get Rid of A Pacifier

When my son was born I was all about breastfeeding him. On my birth plan, it specifically stated NO sugar water, and NO pacifiers. I didn’t want my son to end up with nipple confusion. I was going to make sure that I waited the two weeks for his latch to be fully established. Well, about 4 days …

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Study: Even a Little Alcohol during Pregnancy Could Stop Some Babies from Breathing

While most countries urge that pregnant women refrain from drinking any alcohol during pregnancy, there are still women that do. And, in the UK, women are actually told that they can continue drinking during pregnancy, as long as it’s not more than one or two units a week. But a new study, …

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Tips for stress-free pregnancy sleep

Ready Yourself With Rest The doctors’ tips for stress-free slumber—while it’s still possible. Although your bed may be the source of serious fun and serious bonding, as you get further into your pregnancy, it may be the source of some serious stress.Most pregnant women worry about how …

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How to use the Affordable Care Act for your breast pump

More Ways to Access the Breastpump and Supplies You May Need You’ve probably heard the good news by now that the Affordable Care Act requires most insurance companies to cover breast pumps and lactation support for new moms. Depending on your insurance, however, your pump of choice may not be …

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Fun in the Sun on Vacation with Your Nanny!

It’s time for a nice relaxing beach vacation with the family…ok that very sentence is a contradiction in itself! You want to bring the kids along, but the thought of taking a vacation without your nanny seems… well, it seems like no vacation at all. What is the protocol for taking your nanny …

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10 Things to Pack for Baby in an Emergency Preparedness Kit

It’s no secret that babies have a lot of stuff. To prepare for a crisis situation, the emergency preparedness experts at Boltwell recommend paring it all down and making these essentials part of your prepping plan (and leave the diaper warmer at home!). 1. Diaper changing gear Baby is going to …

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