Your no-cost babymoon

She wants a weekend away before the baby comes. You’d rather put the cash toward that growing credit-card bill. Show her you can take care of it all with a super-deluxe, whatever-her-heart-desires babymoon—all from the comfort of your own home. If you’re not familiar with this word yet, you …

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For dad: How to cope with your wife’s bed rest

Many of my lifestyle decisions are unhealthy. For example, I believe that New England clam chowder is a beverage. That’s why I always imagined my wife would be the first one on permanent bedpan duty. Like many men who are faced with the prospect of their partner being put on bed rest, I had no …

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Dad’s guide to childbirth

Even though today it’s customary for fathers to be involved in childbirth, birth stories are littered with the casualties of men who didn’t rise to the occasion—when push came to shove.Elissa Stein learned this the hard way. During her first birth, her husband did little more than snap …

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Should you induce labor?

A woman came into my exam room one afternoon, about 33 weeks into her pregnancy and asked to be induced because she was tired of being pregnant. I have had requests from moms wanting to deliver on specific dates (9/9/09, 10/10/0) and requests from grandmothers who are waiting (not very patiently) …

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Would you give birth under water?

When you’re pregnant, choosing between “baby chick” or “sun porch” yellow paint for the nursery can seem like a life-altering decision. So when it comes to the big choices, such as deciding on your birth plan, considering an unconventional method might seem like more than you can …

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Doc, midwife, or doula?

You know which friends and family will be at the birth—but have you considered which experts you want there? The journey of labor and delivery isn’t a solo trip. Besides your family and partner, a whole team of supporters can guide you through. We checked in with Marisa Cohen, author of Deliver …

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4 real dads talk childbirth

Everyone knows that mother and baby are the stars of the childbirth show. But dad plays an essential supporting role. He often has the best vantage point to watch the whole wild story unfold. Four real dads weigh in on what it's like from his perspective. Labor “As the dad, you’re such an …

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Special report: Labor induction – what you need to know

Are you anxiously awaiting the spontaneous announcement from both your body and your baby that it’s time to deliver? Or would you rather put the big day on the calendar and have control over your baby’s birth date? Today, you have a choice. According to recent statistics published by the …

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7 issues you have with your doc during pregnancy

Once you know the plan for every visit, interactions with your ob/gyn may seem routine. But negotiating the finer points of medical care with a doctor can be intimidating. Here’s how to keep your cool and resolve common difficulties. You’re embarrassed to open up At the first prenatal visit, …

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When baby’s sex isn’t what you wished for

What happens if you find out baby’s sex, and the news ain’t good? As soon as my husband and I left the doctor’s office after my sonogram, I called my mother to share the results: “Guess what we’re having!” “A girl!” was her predictable answer. Having grown up with sisters and …

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