Top 10 reasons why it’s awesome being pregnant during the holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching, and this year, you may be about to experience the festivities during a pregnancy. At first, you might think that being pregnant will put a damper on the fun you would normally have on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year's, but there you'd be wrong. …

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Enjoy your first pregnant Thanksgiving without the extra weight gain

At first glance, Thanksgiving seems tailor-made for pregnant women. There's the abundance of food, not much of it healthful; the call for stretchy waistbands and the after-dinner nap. While pregnancy certainly means standing by as your waistline expands, the old adage that you're now eating for …

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The pregnant woman’s Thanksgiving survival guide

Let's face it, the holidays, as joyous and celebratory as they are, can be the most stressful time of year. There's the forced family gatherings, budget-breaking gift shopping and holiday travel to wear us thin. Now that you have a little one on the way, these festivities have gotten a whole lot …

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Coco Austin Shows Off Pregnancy Bump

Nicole “Coco” Austin is giving fans a closer look at her journey to motherhood.The 36-year-old model and TV host uploaded a pair of progress photos of her sizable baby bump to Instagram on Tuesday and introduced her new baby blog. And look at all those shoes she's probably having a hard …

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Commuter wearing “Baby On Board” pin asked to prove pregnancy to get seat

Do pregnant women need to carry their maternity notes with them at all times, asks one female commuter left embarrassed after a fellow commuter challenged her.  A pregnant woman from London has been left embarrassed after a fellow Underground passenger asked her to prove her pregnancy. Raayan …

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4 great ways to dress up your bump for Halloween

The spookiest time of the year is officially in full swing, and while you may be busy getting ready for baby, the fact is, there's no better season for celebrating your growing bump than Halloween!From a devilishly sleek ensemble to a scary mummy costume, there's no shortage of fun-filled …

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Should you worry about delivering in the car?

Rush Hour Should you worry about delivering in the car? It happened to these couples.Because labor rarely happens as you imagine, doctors recommend having a flexible birth plan.  But not making it to the hospital?  Well, even though it’s extremely rare, pregnant women have faced the …

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The best and worst Halloween candy to satisfy pregnancy cravings

If you've been craving sweets during your pregnancy, you're probably more than a little excited about the fact that Halloween is right on the horizon. Whether you'll be trick-or-treating with your older kids or handing out candy to the neighborhood children, chances are you're going to indulge in a …

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Baby naming tool tells you popularity of names over time

Baby Name Fun Facts at Your FingertipsChoosing a baby name is a big, exciting decision. Will it be James or Jaroslav? Elizabeth or Electra? Or any of the thousands of options in between? Here to help you make your decision is, a cool — and oddly addictive …

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What really happens during a C-Section

Diary Of A C-Section  A moment-by-moment account of one woman’s life-changing surgeryBent over an exercise ball in front of 20 of my peers, I tried to relax as my husband gently massaged my lower back.  No, I wasn’t in labor.  I was in class preparing to give birth.  Every …

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