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Top 6 pregnancy beauty tips to bust out this Valentine’s Day

Not all women are in love with their bodies during pregnancy, which means they'll do anything they can to feel better about their growing baby bump and the rest of the physical changes that can occur. If you're not feeling your sexiest but you want to really wow your partner on Valentine's Day, …

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3 childbirth myths: Busted!

Let's call a spade a spade: When it comes to childbirth, Hollywood almost always gets it wrong. If your knowledge of labor and delivery is largely informed by what you've seen on the big screen, then you're in for a surprise or two. Here are some of the biggest myths about giving birth that movies …

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New book: Common Sense Pregnancy by Jeanne Faulkner

Jeanne Faulkner’s new book Common Sense Pregnancy is a valuable addition to the large library of pregnancy guidebooks. We particularly liked it because of it’s nonsense and no-fear approach. It’s written in clear language and despite coming in a less glossy package than some …

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Boy or girl? Take our gender predictor quiz!

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New Book: What to eat when you’re Pregnant

If you need some help on what eat during your pregnancy journey, check out What to eat when you're Pregnant. The book takes you from Week 1 through 38 with recipes and food of the week, but most importantly why each food is important for this stage in your pregnancy. While this isn’t a big …

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Pregnancy Best for Baby Spring Giveaway

Win a prize package worth over $1,600 in our Spring 2015 Best for Baby Giveaway! Here's what one lucky mom or dad will win! a Rafflecopter giveawayBrand: 7AM Enfant Item: Beepod Retail value: ($78.00)www.7amenfant.comBrand: Nested Bean Item: two swaddles: 1 Premier and 1 …

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Quiz: 7 things new moms might not know

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Quiz: what TV mom will you be?

If you’re like us, you’ve seen a lot of TV moms. With a baby on the way (or one in your nursery), you might be wondering what TV mom your style most resembles. Take our fun quiz to learn and share with friends.To get our latest quizzes sent to your mailbox, make sure to subscribe to our …

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Quinoa Parmesan Chicken

Remember when I told you earlier this week that I’m kind of obsessed with quinoa right now thanks to Urban Remedy? I wasn’t kidding. Last night, I tried a Quinoa Parmesan Chicken recipe that the entire family gobbled up. Yes, my husband was hesitant at first because he still doesn’t …

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European Cesarean Rates Vary Widely

The risks involved with delivering a baby by cesarean section include everything from longer healing time for mom, and missed beneficial bacteria for babies to an increased risk of SIDS and infection. In light of that knowledge, the large variation in cesarean rates found throughout Europe in a …

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