FDA issues warning about “keepsake ultrasounds”

Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cautioned moms-to-be about the use of ultrasound imaging and heart beat monitors. The new consumer update issues no qualms over either practice when performed by a qualified health care provider out of medical necessity. We repeat: Ultrasounds are …

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5 sweet holiday traditions to start during pregnancy

Love, family and joyful memories - those are the makings of one happy holiday. Think you can't get started building your family traditions until after your little one arrives? We have five sweet ways that say otherwise: Letter to baby Take a moment during the holidays to pen a year-in-review …

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This way to Zen: 3 easy ways to beat stress

As if you needed one more thing to stress about, recent studies suggest chronic anxiety could be troublesome for you and your little one. Planning for a baby's arrival can be a mix of emotions: joy, anticipation and fear in equal measure. While you can't allay your worries entirely, …

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Take care: 4 simple ways to prepare for postpartum life

Across the globe, there are several cultures that treat the first 40 days postpartum as a sacred time. Brand new mothers are encouraged to take to their beds, focusing on resting and healing while a team of relatives and friends tends to the household. While such a situation may not be in the cards …

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3 natural fixes for pregnancy aches and pains

The human body is an amazing thing. During your pregnancy, while your belly grows to accommodate your little one, you're most likely sharing in our amazement. But pregnancy can have some pretty uncomfortable side effects, too - many of which may have you begging your health care provider …

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The shot that could save your baby’s life

You've dreamed about it all, from the first contraction to baby's first cry. But have you given thought yet to what happens next? In all the chaos that accompanies delivery day, it's an understatement to say you won't be in your right frame of mind once your baby arrives. So, let us help you make …

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Three challenges expectant moms face during the holidays

Whether you're nearing the end of your second trimester or you still haven't announced your pregnancy, the holidays can put you in some awkward situations. Bringing the entire extended family together, including some of your more eccentric relatives, is nearly always a recipe for comedy - being …

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It’s Time for Some Holiday Ground Rules

A little tough love can help you actually enjoy this most ­wonderful time of the year. Here’s how to be real without being rude. By Bonnie Siegler So Grandma Althea just invited you over for Thanksgiving week and Grandpa Jones wants to visit you—along with Grandma Jones—for Christmas and …

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Pregnancy-safe ways to knock out a cold

During pregnancy, the common cold is just that - common. Throughout these nine months, you'll find yourself with a lowered immune system, catching bugs much easier than you did before. While you can't be quick to reach for the medicine cabinet (doctors advise avoiding medication …

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6 simple and sweet ways to boost intimacy

There's nothing to throw a household into utter chaos like bringing home a newborn. Between sleepless nights, endless feedings and diaper changes, you may find yourself pushing the care of your relationship to the bottom of your to-do list. Take time now, before your little one arrives, to …

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