5 quick tips for better snacking during pregnancy

Value-Added Snacks Are you craving foods you never imagined you’d like this much, or never liked before? You’re not alone. Research says that 19 percent of pregnant women crave the sour taste of citrus, while another 20 percent frequently want sweets of some kind. Instead of indulging in …

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Boy or girl? 3 old wives’ tales to predict the outcome

If you're waiting until your delivery date to find out if you're having a little boy or a little girl, the suspense must be killing you! Although it's exciting to surprise yourself, it's also fun to indulge some old wives' tales and see if you can't guess what Junior's gender will be once he or she …

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6 tips to start saving for new baby’s education

Never too early It’s no wonder parents-to-be are stressed about financing their child’s education. They hear nothing but horror stories about how much it will cost to pay for college. Don’t believe the hype. Try these tips for stress-free savings.• Save found money. Put your annual …

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Can you trust breast milk banks?

Bank on breast milk For a mother who can’t breastfeed, donor breast milk is a way to provide vital nutrition as well as antibodies to her baby. But can a new mom count on the safety of donated milk?Gretchen Flatau, director of Mothers’ Milk Bank in Austin, TX, says donor milk at her …

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Eat this – not that to curb pregnancy cravings

Satisfying Alternatives for Pregnancy Cravings Looking for healthier ways to quell cravings? Try these suggestions culled from moms and experts such as Catherine Jones, co-author of Eating for Pregnancy: An Essential Guide to Nutrition with Recipes for the Whole Family.When you’re …

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Book Review: Perfect Hormone Balance for Pregnancy

Get off the Hormone Roller Coaster. Are you putting up with a lot of discomfort instead of sailing through pregnancy? If your answer is yes, this new book by an ob/gyn and reproductive endocrinologist might be for you. Dr. Robert Greene’s Perfect Hormone Balance for Pregnancy: A …

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Top 6 pregnancy beauty tips to bust out this Valentine’s Day

Not all women are in love with their bodies during pregnancy, which means they'll do anything they can to feel better about their growing baby bump and the rest of the physical changes that can occur. If you're not feeling your sexiest but you want to really wow your partner on Valentine's Day, …

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3 childbirth myths: Busted!

Let's call a spade a spade: When it comes to childbirth, Hollywood almost always gets it wrong. If your knowledge of labor and delivery is largely informed by what you've seen on the big screen, then you're in for a surprise or two. Here are some of the biggest myths about giving birth that movies …

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New book: Common Sense Pregnancy by Jeanne Faulkner

Jeanne Faulkner’s new book Common Sense Pregnancy is a valuable addition to the large library of pregnancy guidebooks. We particularly liked it because of it’s nonsense and no-fear approach. It’s written in clear language and despite coming in a less glossy package than some …

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Boy or girl? Take our gender predictor quiz!

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