Should you worry about delivering in the car?

Rush Hour Should you worry about delivering in the car? It happened to these couples.Because labor rarely happens as you imagine, doctors recommend having a flexible birth plan.  But not making it to the hospital?  Well, even though it’s extremely rare, pregnant women have faced the …

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The best and worst Halloween candy to satisfy pregnancy cravings

If you've been craving sweets during your pregnancy, you're probably more than a little excited about the fact that Halloween is right on the horizon. Whether you'll be trick-or-treating with your older kids or handing out candy to the neighborhood children, chances are you're going to indulge in a …

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Baby naming tool tells you popularity of names over time

Baby Name Fun Facts at Your FingertipsChoosing a baby name is a big, exciting decision. Will it be James or Jaroslav? Elizabeth or Electra? Or any of the thousands of options in between? Here to help you make your decision is, a cool — and oddly addictive …

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What really happens during a C-Section

Diary Of A C-Section  A moment-by-moment account of one woman’s life-changing surgeryBent over an exercise ball in front of 20 of my peers, I tried to relax as my husband gently massaged my lower back.  No, I wasn’t in labor.  I was in class preparing to give birth.  Every …

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Can a baby born by C-section become president of the USA?

Is a c-section a "natural" birth (at least as far as the constitution is concerned)? Here's a fascinating question for pregnant moms with a planned Caesarean section: Do the words "natural born" define presidential eligibility in the U.S. Constitution preclude a baby born of a c-section to …

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Prepping a hospital bag for new dad

Your birth partner plays an important role in the delivery of your baby. To help keep nerves calm and focus high—as well as let him know his presence means a lot—prepare a hospital bag full of goodies for him. Gift wrap it and present it two or three weeks before your deliver. Here’s what to …

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20 baby names inspired by classic literature

 We love this article from Baby Gizmo on baby names from classic literature. Tell us the world doesn't need more Scarletts, Scouts, and Hucks!Here are a few. Click to the see the full list from our friends at Baby Gizmo.Alcott – From the author of Little Women, Louisa May …

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Your new baby cold weather checklist

The right items can be lifesavers when you’re outdoors in winter with baby in tow. Here’s advice from Ali Wing, founder of baby boutique Giggle, New York City resident, and author of the new Giggle Guide to Baby Gear. Wing’s top cold weather must-have might surprise you: “One of …

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Real Birth Story: Right On Time

Elliott at 4 monthsBy Claire SmithI planned a lot when I was expecting. So did my husband. We subscribed to all the magazines and read every possible published word on pregnancy. I knew the inner workings of each aspect of human gestation. We organized and charted and worked on getting our …

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7 Ways to Cherish the Second Trimester

Congratulations! You made it to the second trimester. Finally, morning sickness is a thing of the past. You've discovered a new found energy. And your baby bump is adorable. The second trimester is a time to be cherished. So enjoy it! Here's how:BE SPONTANEOUS: Catch a matinee movie. Take a …

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