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5 organization tips for moms

As a new mom, it can be hard to find a routine. Between getting up every couple of hours to feed your baby or cooking dinner after coming home from work, it's no easy task to stay organized. We all know that there are never enough hours in the day, and there probably won't be until …

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Tips for dressing a fashionable baby

One of the most exciting things about having a baby is getting to dress him or her in adorable clothing. Depending on your taste, it can be difficult to find the things that you're looking for. We all tend to have this image in our heads of what our child will look, dress and act like, so when …

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Enjoy your first pregnant Thanksgiving without the extra weight gain

At first glance, Thanksgiving seems tailor-made for pregnant women. There's the abundance of food, not much of it healthful; the call for stretchy waistbands and the after-dinner nap. While pregnancy certainly means standing by as your waistline expands, the old adage that you're now …

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The crucial pregnancy check-up you could be skipping

It can be easy to brush off your routine check-up at the dentist when you're busy monitoring your growing belly during pregnancy. After all, how much could the state of your pearly whites have to do with your pregnant body? It turns out, plenty. With pregnancy hormones estrogen and progesterone …

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The pregnant woman’s Thanksgiving survival guide

Let's face it, the holidays, as joyous and celebratory as they are, can be the most stressful time of year. There's the forced family gatherings, budget-breaking gift shopping and holiday travel to wear us thin. Now that you have a little one on the way, these festivities have gotten a …

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5 sweet ways to save your pregnancy memories

Of all the items to check off our first trimester to-do lists (find a medical provider, set up a budget, say no to alcohol), rarely do the experts advise us to slow down and savor it all. Sure, between morning sickness and swollen ankles, time seems to move at a snail's pace. But trust us, …

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To buy or borrow: The do’s and don’ts of used baby goods

A universal truth about babies is that they come with a lot of baggage. From clothing and bedding to toys and strollers, the amount of stuff your little one requires is enough to send your wallet into a tailspin. As you count down the days of your pregnancy and begin to build your registry, give …

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Your pregnancy journey [Infographic]

There’s a lot that you’ll go through on your journey to motherhood, so we’re taking a moment to highlight some of the most important experiences along the way. First trimester Although you should quit any bad habits before you get pregnant, you’ll definitely want to be sure that you’re …

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The moments I’ve enjoyed most as a new mom

Being a mom is filled with ups and downs. From snuggling your newborn to sleepless nights, a mother's duty never ends - even after everyone else has gone to bed. But it seems that no matter how tired you are or how bad you smell because you can't remember the last time you took a shower, these …

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I’m a new mom. Here’s what surprised me!

When I found out I was pregnant, there were millions of things that started running through my mind, but the biggest worry I had was the fact that I lived five hours away from any of our family. My boyfriend is in chiropractic school and I moved to Chicago to be with him after I graduated from …

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