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Is This Parenthood, Or Is It War?

By Lola Augustine BrownHaving a baby together can feel just like falling in love again, as you and your partner are drawn closer than ever. But that loving feeling often turns on its head once baby is here. “Everyone is so idealistic and optimistic that it’s difficult to understand the …

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How to get your baby to be attached

By Sandra HumeDuring my first pregnancy, I went headlong into information overload. I googled. I quizzed other parents. Books from Amazon spilled out of my mailbox. The more I tried to absorb, the clearer it was how much I didn’t know. Like about breastfeeding. And where the baby would sleep. …

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Away We Go

By the Editors of PregnancyBabywearing is more than just a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Devotées of “Attachment Parenting” consider a carrier an essential tool in raising secure and confident children. But that doesn’t have to mean shrouding yourself in a sling of woven hemp until your …

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Victoria Recano

How have you been feeling? So far so good. I was telling a friend of mine the other day, she just had a baby and she’s actually pregnant again and I was telling her I feel sort of guilty almost because I’ve heard some horror stories, not all horror stories, but I’ve heard a few. And I …

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It’s Time to Talk Money, Honey

Think you’re the only couple who bickers about the cost of strollers and car seats? Hardly—money clashes are the rule rather than the exception, particularly when you’re pregnant. All those costly new expenses colliding with your individual budget beliefs and…boom! Fortunately, you can …

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There, I Said it…

What’s with the superiority of vaginal birthers? I’ll admit it, I once was one of them. Of course this was before I’d given birth. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I envisioned a totally natural birth. I was all ready to drop her in an open field, cut the cord with a nearby …

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5 Minutes With…Chyler Leigh

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Get Your Bar up to Par

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Getting Ready For Sibling

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Back when I was pregnant for the first time, I thought we would get one stroller—the Phil and Ted’s. It seemed like the ideal stroller for a growing family as it has the double option, plus it accommodated a newborn and most importantly, I could jog with it. Or so I thought.Then and …

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