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Everyone Loves Ali

everyone loves AliBy Abigail TullerPhotography by Mark Madeo and Eric BlackmonStyling by Chelisa PattersonEver wonder about celebrity baby showers that get lots of publicity and corporate sponsors? It’s simple. Everyone loves a party, especially in the name of a great …

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Secrets of a Celebrity Trainer

By Stephen CamelioPhotographed by Mark MadeoHollywood’s latest hot accessory is a baby, so it’s no surprise that gossip rags love gabbing about how quickly star moms regain their svelte figures. But what doesn’t get a lot of press is the hard work that these moms put in before the …

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Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Twin Bassinet

Start with the Graco Pack 'n Play Playard right next to the bed, and you can nurse both twins at night without having to get out of the bed yourself! Then, move it to the living room during the day. It's super convenient and portable- two very important features for an overwhelmed new mom! $175

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Don’t Bring Home The Germs

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My Daughter Discovers She’s A Girl! Public Humlity Ensues

I came from a family of two girls. I had a father, but I am pretty sure I was unaware that boys existed until I was well into my double digits.My daughter? Not so much.“Tsai?” she asks me while we are giving her two-month-old brother a bath, invoking her universal catch-all phrase that …

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The Tantrum of All Tantrums: Julia’s Breakfast Meltdown

Julia likes school. Honest. She seems happy at her preschool. Her teachers say, for the most part, she's very social, only occasionally troublesome. She's excited to go and excited when we pick her up. Sometimes she doesn't even want to leave right away.So how to explain what happened …

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Sweetleaf Baby Diaper Balm and Baby Bar Soap

Lots of diaper changes can challenge the ol' olfactories! A nice cream can help for sure. Try this one from Sweetleaf Baby - it's even organic. $16.

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Is Parenting Different the Second Time Around? The Plight of Child Number Two.

I love my little Alan. His big gray eyes are framed by long black lashes. His chubby cheeks are sweet and round. I love to hold him and breathe in his yeasty, sweet baby warmth. But it is so different the second time around.With Sam, I could scarcely wait to record every milestone—“Sam …

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How Long Can I Blame This On Teething?

Easily the funniest scenes in that cute romantic comedy, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," are when the boisterous father, Gus Partokalus, keeps spraying Windex on everything as a cure-all. Got a bad bruise? Windex will help. Infection? Try some Windex. Bleeding? Windex will stop it. It's hysterical.…

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Birthday Blowout

By Sheri KasprzakWhen we threw my son Gabriel a first birthday party, I anticipated an icing-covered face and adorable grin. Instead, every photo taken that day shows child who’s far more confused than happy. Did I overdo it? Probably.Your baby won’t remember her first birthday, but …

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