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Preemie Basics

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 12 percent of babies are born premature. If you’re a new parent to a preemie, take heart. Below are preemie-specific tips for caring for your extra-little one once you’ve left the confines of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). …

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Twin Touring

Baby Jogger City Elite Double in Green Sport, $650.Maclaren Twin Techno in Stripe, $380.Valco Baby Tri Mode Twin in Scarlet, $699.Joovy Groove 2 in Blue, $250

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How About a Do-Over?

By Andy Garreffa-Orizotti I could barely sleep during the last weeks of my second pregnancy. But this time, I had something new to worry about as I lay awake—shaking up my two-year-old son’s little world with a needy sibling. But my first child was, ultimately, why I decided to attempt a …

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In 2002, my husband was laid off from his first job, although he was not my husband then.Then we were just a couple of crazy 24-year-olds living in a fabulous rented apartment. I came home everyday at lunch to eat with him and he worked out all afternoon. By the time he was rehired somewhere, …

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The Moniker Manual

By Linda Childers After I saw the first ultrasound of my son taken when he was the size of a small dot at 10 weeks, my husband and I began affectionately referring to him as “Peanut.” Although we never actually planned to name him after a groundnut, we didn’t realize we were actually …

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Diaper Details

From left to right: Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers $12 for 56 (21 cents per diaper), www.diapers.com “The tabs on these were easy to fasten and held in place, and I had only a few leaks. One day I couldn’t change my baby for several hours because my husband forgot the diaper bag. He was still …

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Many Thanks

Top row, left to right:Carciofi Design Personalized Notecard in The Olivia, $30 for 12.Felix Doolittle Note Cards in First Flight, $26 for 6. KT Original Tree Thanks Card, five colors per pack, $10 for 10.Bottom row, left to right:Tiny Prints Pink Chrysanthemum Flurry …

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Bearing Gifts

Clockwise from top left:Candles are a classic. Your hostess will love a Soi Jar Candle in Holiday Spirit, presented in Wishwrap's stylish keepsake box, $28.Ease into the evening with something non-alcoholic for you to sip—like Sanfaustino Natural Mineral Water with Lime, which is high …

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HALO SleepSack Wearable Blanket

Thank goodness for these SleepSacks! They'll keep your little one wrapped up, warm, and asleep (at least for long enough to catch up on some rest yourself!) $25

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Sensitive Sam

My sister was camped out on our couch this weekend feeling low, low, low (in the words of Flo Rida).Bad break up—nuff said.Sam was very concerned about her Aunti. “Mar sad? Mar sad?” she asked again and again.When we told her that, yes, Mar was sad, Sam sprung into action. …

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