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What a Toddler Knows

The urge to protect our children from bad news is very strong. But sometimes they get more than we tell them. Three examples:1) My husband is laid off as of March 16. When I got this news, it was in the car, driving Sam to daycare.Sam: “Mommy, who that?” Me: “That was …

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Ugh, Hospital Food

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A Little Bump Worship

By Eve O'NeillWe asked our readers at Pregnancy360.com, “What has made being pregnant the most fun?” The most popular answer—by a landslide—was “taking time for myself, without feeling guilty.”Enter the “belly facial,” a simple treatment to help relieve discomfort associated …

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My Wayward Birth

Our birth plan consisted of two items:1. Don’t get stuck in traffic and become a Daily News headline: “Baby Boy Born on Brooklyn Bridge.”2. Take advantage of the miracles of modern medicine in the form of painkillers and machines with comforting whirrs and beeps that let us know …

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Storksak Emily Bag

You will adore this bag! The Storksak Emily bag has a place for everything and looks super cool. It adds a touch of flair on even your frumpiest days. $175

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Newsletter Confirmation

Your registration is complete!Please add the Pregnancy360.com domain to your safe sender's list. This will ensure our emails get through to your Inbox and display properly. You can manage your subscriptions anytime using the links at the bottom of every email.

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Great resources from the Mom-o-Sphere

Everyone could use a little help getting organized, and there are all sorts of fun things to do at TheCradle.com. You can start by checking out some of their great planning tools, such as:Ovulation Calculator: Not sure when you're ovulating next? Use this calculator to find the dates you're …

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Winter Has Me At Wits End

One of the worst things about having two children is the inevitability of sickness.Last year, even with just one, I was housebound at least a few days each month due to runny noses, fevers or stomach viruses. This year it is even worse. We have spent more than 10 days unable to leave the …

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Even Dads Get Mommy Brain

It's one of those mornings where getting out of the house for work feels like I'm leaving for a week-long vacation and frantically trying to not forget something important. My wife does an amazing job of prepping the night before since she leaves early and I take Julia to school. But still I can …

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Peeing Too Much

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