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Many Thanks

Top row, left to right:Carciofi Design Personalized Notecard in The Olivia, $30 for 12.Felix Doolittle Note Cards in First Flight, $26 for 6. KT Original Tree Thanks Card, five colors per pack, $10 for 10.Bottom row, left to right:Tiny Prints Pink Chrysanthemum Flurry …

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Bearing Gifts

Clockwise from top left:Candles are a classic. Your hostess will love a Soi Jar Candle in Holiday Spirit, presented in Wishwrap's stylish keepsake box, $28.Ease into the evening with something non-alcoholic for you to sip—like Sanfaustino Natural Mineral Water with Lime, which is high …

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HALO SleepSack Wearable Blanket

Thank goodness for these SleepSacks! They'll keep your little one wrapped up, warm, and asleep (at least for long enough to catch up on some rest yourself!) $25

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Sensitive Sam

My sister was camped out on our couch this weekend feeling low, low, low (in the words of Flo Rida).Bad break up—nuff said.Sam was very concerned about her Aunti. “Mar sad? Mar sad?” she asked again and again.When we told her that, yes, Mar was sad, Sam sprung into action. …

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Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon Visits Cool Mom

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Stand at Attention

So the attempts to get 8-month old Ben to roll over continue. But it's becoming clearer that he may just go straight from sitting to walking. And it's sort of funny.Right now he only wants to stand up, leaning against whatever object is nearest. My mother bought us a great gift, a …

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When Doodie Calls

I know there will come a day when Julia, now 3, will be able to go to the bathroom entirely on her own, from start to finish, if you get my drift. Until then, her potty runs will continue to provide us some good laughs.The other day, she jumps up from playing and says, "Daddy, I have togo to …

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Shopping Mall

From Pregnancy’s December/January 2009 Issue:BEAUTY & STYLE Baby Be Mine Maternity www.babybeminematernity.com Belly Bandit www.bellybandit.com Nummies www.nummies.com Bella Band www.ingridandisabel.com Isabel Oliver www.isabeloliver.com Nine …

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Best Friends?

Julia and Mia were born 4 days apart in October. And their parents have become close friends and so they are good friends. The difference is that if Mia's dad, say, has a cool new toy, like a running watch that I like, I won't try to rip it off his wrist and say, "Mine!" until I scream and …

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Remember When

With a new baby on the way, you’re probably looking for ways to ring in the New Year that don’t involve partying all night long. Consider consulting The Joy of Family Traditions by Jennifer Trainer Thompson, a lovely new book that pays tribute to hundreds of celebrations from around the …

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