Octuplets? Eight is (apparently) Sometimes Enough

Our country appreciates a nice big family story. Look no further than the Brady Bunch, Eight is Enough, Jon and Kate Plus Eight and the Duggars. We watch them, we laugh, we cry, we send food, diapers and baby food by the cartful.So what about the octuplets?The recent story about the …

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Zinc About It

From left to right:Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Diaper Rash Cream uses oat essence to reduce redness | $6Erba Organics Baby Diaper Cream calls on Echinacea to ward off irritation | $15Nature’s Baby 0rganics Diaper Cream adds cocoa butter for maximum moisture | $12Lansinoh …

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Love Means…

From left to right:Chubby Delicious Cupcake Lounge Set (pant not shown) | $42Oobi Baby Snow Bunny Long Pants in Pink | $46Sweet Shoes Sweet Janes in Red Metallic | $35Babystyle Lovebirds Embroidered Set for Baby (also includes pant at right) | $40Hummingbaby Andy Short …

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Angie Harmon

“With this pregnancy I have not had two good days in a row. Thank God I’m getting a baby at the end of this, because if I wasn’t I’d be insane right now.”Interview by Bob GullaPhotography by John RussoStyling by Tara SwennenPregnancy: How has this pregnancy been …

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Let’s Go Out Tonight

Clockwise from top left:A classic clutch with modern flair. Hobo International Luna clutch in Brass Metallic Leather | $177These aren’t your grandmother’s pearls. Nathan & Moe Bullet Lariat in Grey Freshwater Pearl | $250Earrings that deserve an up-do! Oblik Atelier Pearl Paddle …

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What’s for Lunch, Mom?

We asked four future foodies (and their moms) to sample organic frozen baby food. The judges’ verdicts:From top to bottom:“Max rejects peas from a jar, but he liked HAPPYBABY peas—and the carrots and squash, too. He even liked the apples better than my homemade applesauce! The …

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What’s Better, Bamboo or Cotton?

OK, you’ve settled on nursery colors and you’re ready to shop, but now you’re just plain confused about which organic bedding to get for baby. Organic cotton and bamboo crib sets—two less-toxic options—now can be found all over. So which is the healthiest for your baby and the planet? …

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Run, Sister, Run!

The Roddler—with fenders from the Kids Kustoms Tins for Tots charity—can reach speeds up to 200 miles per hour, but it will also do just fine on the daily cruise to Starbucks. Prices for custom strollers start at $1,700 at www.totsonthego.comThe Baby Jogger Summit 360 (in Royal/Black) …

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4 things to consider when choosing a midwife

Checklist!Meeting with a Midwife During birth, you’ll want a peaceful, supportive crew in your corner. So who do you ask to share this intimate event? The right fit is key, and you’re not obligated to pick an ob/gyn. Certified nurse midwives work in every state, in all settings. “Finding …

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Her First Manicure

In the very beginning, you might only need an emery board. Yes, they make baby-sized emery boards! Some newborn’s nails are so soft that a clipper or scissors just aren’t necessary. But some babes have nails that are too thin for filing. Either way, once you’re ready to move on to the …

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