Sometimes 15 Minutes is an Eternity

So in my last post, I moaned about how I hate not getting enough time with my kids because of work. But then last night I was reminded to make the most of those minutes I do get. I got home at 7:45, just 15 minutes before we put Julia down. Ben was already out. I sat down on the couch immediately …

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Time Isn’t On My Side

Ben is more than 6 months old now. So why do I feel like I still don't know him as well as I'd like, his moods, his habits, his favorite toys? Do other working dads feel the same guilt I have? This morning I was able to get 15 minutes alone with him in our bed and it felt like 15 days. He was …

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Little Girl, Big Imagination

"Daddy, I have a baby in my tummy."You do? Can I listen?"OK." (Lies down on the kitchen rug, lifts up her shirt)Oh, I hear it! Now, you have to make sure you eat your dinner to stay healthy for the baby."Yeah. I know. Okay. Bye." (Gets up and leaves).Daddy shakes his head. Can …

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Sleepless in Beantown

Alan is a pretty good sleeper. We put him down around 7:30 and he sleeps until 3:30, wakes, eats and sleeps until 5:30. Then he sleeps again after breakfast until 10 or 11.The problem?My husband and I go to bed around 11, so our sleep is interrupted four hours later. Then our toddler …

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We’re the Same. We’re Different.

It's a Sesame Street book and it's all about having different eyes and noses and hair and skin.I was thinking about that book while looking at these 2 recent pix of Julia and Ben. All I remember about Julia's first 6 months were how much she screamed (Oh, that's colic! Can I stick my head …

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Drive Time

By Jeri TulleyKnow Your Needs Before purchasing a car seat, think about your driving habits, priorities, and budget. Do you run a lot of errands where the convenience of an infant carrier is needed? An extra base is handy if you’ll frequently switch vehicles. For long-distance drivers, extra …

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The Search for Schooling – Day One

Searching for the right preschool is complicated. And don’t think just because your baby is still in utero that you are off the hook. Oh no. I was told last night (on my first official pre-school tour for my older daughter Sam who is 21 months) that not only am I behind for her (“You should …

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Haute Hats

Clockwise from top left:La Folie Giggle jersey-lined, hand-knit hat in Ruby, $40Patagonia Baby Synchilla Hat in Pocket Full o’ Posies – 85% recycled, $20JJ Cole Bundle Me Hat in Cream – made of stretch faux shearling, $7Charlee Kat*z Creations Crocheted Chenille Hat in …

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Building A Baby

By Stephanie Stiavetti Of course the foods you choose impact your baby, but new research suggests that a mother’s diet during pregnancy can have lifelong effects. In fact, scientists are discovering that eating right when you’re expecting may drastically lower your child’s chances of …

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Perfectly Pacified

Top to bottom, left to right:Ecobinky Natural Pacifier, $9RazBaby Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier, $7 for 2Munchkin Bling Knob Pacifier, $5 for 2Playtex Binky Latex Pacifier for All Ages , $4 for 2WubbaNub Red Dog Pacifier, $10MAM Newborn Latex Orthodontic Pacifier, $5 for …

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