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It’s All in the Family

Sometimes people accuse we breeders of being narcissistic, of having children because we want a way to make ourselves immortal. Maybe that is true.I certainly know when I look at my daughter I see more than myself. I see my mother:That simple fact makes having children the single …

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The Call

Anyone who has gotten one of those phone calls that begins with the words -- "Everyone is okay, but . . . " -- knows that what's about to follow is that, in fact, everyone is not okay, and there has been some sort of accident.I got one of those calls this week. It was left on my voice mail …

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One of the best parts of being a parent is the ability to relive childhood. Sometimes I think the things I do—the corn mazes, the snow angels, the apple picking—are more for my benefit than either of my kids’.But we still dig it.Last weekend we had a great snowfall in Southern Maine …

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Scrooge Be Gone

I have a confession: I loathe the holidays. Feel free to take me off your card list.This bad mood starts to set in right about now. The air shifts from crisp to downright cold, three out of six of my favorite radio stations turn to an all Christmas music format and this Mama gets her Grinch …

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Stop Being So S-M-A-R-T

We parents think we're so clever. I know, we whisper to each other like CIA spies in the still of the night. We'll spell out the words we don't want our preschoolers to hear. They'll never know what we're talking about. HaaaaHaaaHaaaa.The truth, of course, is we parents are the …

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Small Blessings

Last night, my son woke up every hour on the hour.A few weeks ago (on Halloween) my husband and I watched the movie It’s Alive—the tale of a mutated baby that serially kills his way through Los Angeles--and last night? I was sure our littlest one was going for a remake.Despite this …

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Sometimes 15 Minutes is an Eternity

So in my last post, I moaned about how I hate not getting enough time with my kids because of work. But then last night I was reminded to make the most of those minutes I do get. I got home at 7:45, just 15 minutes before we put Julia down. Ben was already out. I sat down on the couch immediately …

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Time Isn’t On My Side

Ben is more than 6 months old now. So why do I feel like I still don't know him as well as I'd like, his moods, his habits, his favorite toys? Do other working dads feel the same guilt I have? This morning I was able to get 15 minutes alone with him in our bed and it felt like 15 days. He was …

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Little Girl, Big Imagination

"Daddy, I have a baby in my tummy."You do? Can I listen?"OK." (Lies down on the kitchen rug, lifts up her shirt)Oh, I hear it! Now, you have to make sure you eat your dinner to stay healthy for the baby."Yeah. I know. Okay. Bye." (Gets up and leaves).Daddy shakes his head. Can …

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