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Carry On

Clockwise from top:A. Tierney Toiletry Case (4 Piece Travel Collection) in Solid Lime Green, $105Treat tender gums gently with a Preserve Ultra Soft Toothbrush, $13 for 4Butler G-U-M Toothbrush Antibacterial Covers, $3 for 4Alba Terra Tints lip balm in Blaze, $4Ted Gibson …

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Let’s Go, Baby!

By Linda ChildersShelly Rivoli of El Cerrito, CA, initially thought her days of taking long, exotic vacations would be put on hold after the birth of her daughter, Angelina, now 4. “One day, when Angelina was an infant, I was bouncing her on my lap and I realized I could be doing that …

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Arrive in Style

Clockwise from top:1154 Lill Studio Paula Bag in Round About is the ideal size for a weekend, $200Cris Notti Pink Windows Beauty Bag features a removable inner pouch, $70Even with preggo brain, a Flight 001 Leather Luggage Tag in Pink ensures no bag gets left behind, $17Slip ID …

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Most people think of TV’s Supernanny for her skill in bringing unruly fourth-graders into line. But Jo Frost has actually spent much of her career taking care of babies, starting with some families as early as “the waters breaking,” she says in her English lilt. Frost’s new book, …

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It’s All in the Family

Sometimes people accuse we breeders of being narcissistic, of having children because we want a way to make ourselves immortal. Maybe that is true.I certainly know when I look at my daughter I see more than myself. I see my mother:That simple fact makes having children the single …

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The Call

Anyone who has gotten one of those phone calls that begins with the words -- "Everyone is okay, but . . . " -- knows that what's about to follow is that, in fact, everyone is not okay, and there has been some sort of accident.I got one of those calls this week. It was left on my voice mail …

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One of the best parts of being a parent is the ability to relive childhood. Sometimes I think the things I do—the corn mazes, the snow angels, the apple picking—are more for my benefit than either of my kids’.But we still dig it.Last weekend we had a great snowfall in Southern Maine …

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Scrooge Be Gone

I have a confession: I loathe the holidays. Feel free to take me off your card list.This bad mood starts to set in right about now. The air shifts from crisp to downright cold, three out of six of my favorite radio stations turn to an all Christmas music format and this Mama gets her Grinch …

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Stop Being So S-M-A-R-T

We parents think we're so clever. I know, we whisper to each other like CIA spies in the still of the night. We'll spell out the words we don't want our preschoolers to hear. They'll never know what we're talking about. HaaaaHaaaHaaaa.The truth, of course, is we parents are the …

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