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The Art of the Transfer

By Vanessa Geneva AhernDuring my daughter’s infancy, I would make mental to-do lists of tasks I’d get done during her afternoon power nap…only to get stuck in a “nap trap” if my transfer to her crib was the slightest bit clumsy.Co-founders of Dream Team Baby, a company that …

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Lip Service

By Eve O'NeillAs if being pregnant hasn’t already given your body a thorough workout, along comes the cold. Before you know it, last-minute shopping, social activities, and the chilly weather have done a number on your skin—especially your lips. Because they lack oil glands, your lips dry …

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Checkup Smarts

Unlike some visits to a doctor’s office, a prenatal appointment is usually quick and pleasant. It is primarily designed for you and your health-care provider to receive updated information regarding you and your baby, listen to your baby’s heartbeat, and rule out any complications.To …

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Made for Walkin’

Spiraling inward from top left:Warmbar Gecko Grip Flurry Sheepskin Boot in Chestnut, $60 Keen Betty Boot in Slate Black/Grayed Jade, $110 Ulu Makea in Brown, $175 Yellow Box Clasic in Tan, $68 Sugar Origami Crowded Garden Green Boot, $58 Earth Summit in Bark Nubuck, $168 Merrell Women’s …

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Double Trouble

By Lisa FieldsTwice as many diapers to change; two babies wailing at once; double the laundry. As soon as you’re handed two—or more!—bundles of joy at the hospital, you’ll realize you’re about to have a very different experience from the other moms you know. To create some order …

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Rock Candy

Land of Nod Dylan Swivel Glider and Ottoman in Mist goes forward, backward, and side to side. Its oversized seat and high back makes it comfy for both mom and dad. Glider $750, ottoman $300Besides all the major gear—crib, stroller, changing table—many advice-givers insist, “You have to get a …

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Crazy Cozy

Clockwise from far left:Serena & Lily Stroller Blanket in Harper, $48Robbie Adrian Organic Cotton Velour Blanket in Petal Pink, $86Max Daniel Baby Satin Dots Throw in Pink, $56Rainkie Blankie Water-Repellent Minkie Blanket in Valetta, $42AllyZabba Large Aloha Blanket in …

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Last Call

By Nancy RiptonI was confident I would stop breastfeeding my son by the time he was 6 months old, but Bode had other ideas. When it came time to introduce a bottle, he pushed, screamed, and absolutely refused to take it. I tried different nipple flows. I gave him a sippy cup. My husband …

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At Your Service

By Pamela BrillAfter the birth of my second daughter, I had to accept my limitations as a mother: I had an emergency C-section and was unprepared for the medical restrictions that went along with it. Unable to drive, and thus make quick runs to the store, I realized I was rather …

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Natalie Morales

Photography by Virginia Sherwood Hardest thing about this pregnancy: Maximizing work time with family time but also trying to do my job and be a mom , I’m up at 4:30. If I’m doing my usual, then I’m up at 5:30. That hour makes a big difference. Thank God I didn’t have morning …

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