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Productive and Pregnant

By Erin Gifford Pregnancy is a full-time job, which makes it tough when you’re also working an actual full-time job. Juggling meetings and deadlines with doctor’s visits and morning sickness is a struggle, but you can get through 40 weeks and still make the most of your 40 working hours. …

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Right On Time

Elliott at 4 monthsBy Claire SmithI planned a lot when I was expecting. So did my husband. We subscribed to all the magazines and read every possible published word on pregnancy. I knew the inner workings of each aspect of human gestation. We organized and charted and worked on getting our …

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Little Windows Cool Photo Jewelry Kit

Every mom needs a keepsake-or several! The Little Windows Cool Photo Jewelry Kit gives you all the makings for three adorable necklaces, plus a bit more. $48

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Suprisingly Happy

By Jennifer L.W. FinkElizabeth Johnson’s fourth pregnancy was a complete surprise. Just a few months earlier, her physician had told her she was probably in perimenopause. Her youngest child was in first grade and she’d recently given away all her baby gear. So, when she found out she …

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Erin Condren Baby Announcements

Erin Condren's festive line of baby announcements and note cards are second only to a personal visit from the proud mama herself. $38–$125

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Imagine That!

Watching a toddler's brain tick is a wondrous thing. Sitting at the dinner table with Julia and she's wearing her new furry red hat. It's adorable. I say something to her, calling her Julia and she snaps back at me, "I'm not Julia, I'm Sophia!""Oh, but I thought you were Julia.""No, when …

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The Theory of Three

So many mothers I know are unhappy. It’s no wonder. Much as I love being a mother and adore my children, the monotony and Sisyphean nature of the work can often make even the most well grounded mama want to bury her head and sob.But not me (at least not most days) because I ascribe to the …

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Pregnant Sex Dreams

Daphne Brogdon is a comic and a TV host. Daphne used to go anywhere for a job, but now that she is a mom she is glad to have a gig close to home. She is a host of TV Guide Channel's weekly series,The Fashion Team , a fun romp through celebrity fashion.

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What Not To Say

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The Shape of a Mother

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