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Ziba Kashef is a former Editor-in-Chief of Pregnancy Magazine.

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Formula tips for a happy baby

Formula Feeding 101 Keeping your baby nourished and full with formula takes more than sticking the bottle in her mouth. Some tips:MIX AND WAIT.Let powdered formula sit for a minute after mixing. That way, you allow gas bubbles to break up, minimizing the amount of air in baby’s …

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Frequently asked questions about Formula

We hear a lot about formula, good and bad. Here are some questions you may be asking as you consider formula as a supplement or eventual substitute for breast milk.I’ve read that formula-fed babies are more at risk for obesity. Is that true? That depends on whom you ask. “There’s …

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Loving your pregnant body

Love thy body If you find yourself noticing the girth more than the glow, take these steps to feel better. * GET MOVINGStudies show that women who exercise during pregnancy respond more positively to their changing bodies than those who don't. An Australian study found that pregnant …

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