Baby K’Tan ACTIVE Baby Carrier

The Baby K’Tan ACTIVE is a very versatile baby carrier that allows for many different positions to carry your little one. The ACTIVE is a more breathable, mesh version of the original meant for more active activities. Something that I really like about this compared to other carriers, is how portable it is. My diaper bag is cramped enough as it is, but the K’Tan fits with ease.  Putting on the K’Tan is much quicker process than with other carriers. It is extremely lightweight, which is …

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Buyers Guide
Baby K’tan Breeze baby carrier The Baby K’tan Breeze Baby Carrier has the same great double-loop design as the original Baby K’tan but is made of 50% cotton and 50% breathable mesh. This cotton-mesh construction makes the carrier lightweight and breathable while still allowing parents and caregivers to wear their babies in multiple positions, without any complicated wrapping or buckling.            

Baby Björn Baby Carrier One

With the Baby Carrier One, Baby Björn answers one of the most common requests parents have made of baby carriers: let me load my child into back-carry mode without the need of another adult. Yay! The day has finally come. We now have a soft-structured baby carrier that can truly serve as our one and only carrier from birth to toddler, providing for infant mode, front facing in, front facing out and back carry positions. While the Carrier One bears many similarities to older Baby Björn models …

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Bitybean UltraCompact Carrier

“UltraCompact” is not an exaggeration. The Bitybean Carrier is amazingly small, packing up to the size of a soda can while maintaining safety and comfort. This is an awesome feat that can be appreciated by parents everywhere who’ve been caught out and about with a child and no carrier. You know the moment. You’re out running a quick errand, when suddenly you realize it’s not so quick and you could really use your hands to carry packages in addition to your baby. Or, it’s a …

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Boba Carrier 3G

As a mom of a 4-month old and a 2-1/2 year old, I evaluate baby carriers based on how well they accommodate both ends of the baby carrying spectrum – from the very young and floppy to the more mature and heavy.  The Boba Carrier is a great solution for both!  It safely holds children 7-45 pounds and can even support newborns, making it the perfect grow-with-me baby carrier. The moment the Boba Carrier came out of the box, it looked comfortable.  The 100% cotton is soft yet durable, and …

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The lighter and even more portable version of the Boba Carrier, the BobaAir is the perfect baby carrier for taking with you anywhere and everywhere.  Given how much gear a parent has to carry, I’m always highly grateful when a brand comes out with a product that is not only useful, but takes up minimal room and weighs as little as possible.  The Boba Air gets high marks on all accounts!This awesome carrier will fit a child 15-45 pounds (including my almost 3 year old!) while still …

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BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Miracle

MSRP: $184.958-26 lbswww.babybjorn.comAs the newest BabyBjorn addition, the Miracle combines the best features of their top carriers. Built for comfort, this model distributes weight with wide shoulder straps, a well-padded waist belt and an adjustable lumbar support. A breathable fabric keeps you cool—a huge plus, given how warm baby wearing can get. All fasteners are located on the front of the carrier, making buckles and straps easy to adjust. Baby fits securely, even …

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Infantino Support Ergonomic Cotton Carrier

MSRP: $49.998-40 lbswww.infantino.comThe Infantino carriers are impressive in that they provide excellent carrier options at comparatively low prices. The Support’s padded shoulder straps and waist belt comfortably accommodate toddlers in backpack mode, while also serving infants well in the front, inward-facing position. Head support straps can be tightened to lend extra support to a newborn that’s still developing the neck muscles needed to hold her head up. Because the …

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Front Snugli Herringbone Carrier

MSRP: $39.997-26 lbswww.snugli.comAt an attractive price point, the Front Snugli is a basic front carrier with the option to face in or out. Easily put it on by pulling it over your head and fastening the buckles from the front and sides, so that you never have to reach behind you. However, note that the buckles can be tricky and may take some practice. As you tighten the side straps, criss-cross straps at your back selfadjust for a comfortable fit, a feature unique to …

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Infantino Flip Soft Comfort Carrier

MSRP: $39.998-32 lbswww.infantino.comA soft-structured carrier at an amazing price, the Infantino Flip keeps the must-have features while stripping out the extras. With the option of carrying your child in front (inward facing or forward facing) as well as in back, this is a versatile carrier that is low on bulk and simple to put on. By unclasping buckles that attach the pouch to the shoulder straps, you can easily get baby into the carrier without navigating her legs through …

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Infantino EcoSash Wrap & Tie Carrier

MSRP: $59.998-35 lbswww.infantino.comEcosash is a stylish carrier with two looks in one—a beautiful fabric print can be reversed to present a more basic solid color panel. With a belt that ties at your waist and wide, padded shoulder straps that criss-cross at your back and tie behind baby, this mei tai-style carrier is buckle-free, making it highly adjustable and extremely easy to fold up and carry in the included mesh bag. The EcoSash hugs your baby closer to your body …

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Buyers Guide
MSRP:  $59.95 Bitybean’s UltraCompact Carrier is a cleverly, compact, child carrier, designed and engineered with state of the art materials for ease and comfort for active families. Weighing just 8 ounces and smaller than a water bottle, the UltraCompact Carrier fits in any bag or purse. Allowing for convertible front and back carry for children 3 months or 8-40 pounds. It is available in 4 stylish colors.
MSRP: $135 The idea that functional and beautiful everyday objects should be available to everyone is a core theme in Scandinavian design. With a Scandinavian foundation, the líllébaby® brand has been true to its roots and has shown a warm passion for combining functionality and style. Líllébaby® set out to make the best baby carrier in the world. It took years of research and old-fashioned hard work. líllébaby® did not just start as a mom with an idea for a product. It started with …

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