Boon Fresh Changing Station

April 18, 2014 7:54 PM by


We have two diaper changing stations and the Boon Fresh is definitely our favorite. First of all, it nicely secures to the dresser we placed it upon, keeping everything stable when our little wiggler tries to wiggle off. The concave shape nicely nestles baby in, so I am not anxious about baby rolling off on one side or the other. The foam pad is soft enough to be comfortable and it’s easy to clean. This has been one of the highlights. Other models seem to make you choose one or the other- comfort or easy to remove/clean. This provides both. I can remove it with one hand while I am holding baby in the other arm.

Our baby doesn’t seem to be too fascinated by the dangling toys that you are able to attach above. We tried more in the beginning and have since given up and just change as quickly as possible. However, I had a couple girlfriends over and their babies were nicely entertained by the dangling toy.


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