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With all the gear options available, even diapering can seem confusing. Simplifying baby prep is the inspiration behind The Baby File, a book of lists and worksheets by Amanda R. Dobbins. She hopes to save other moms-to-be from her own inefficient system—sticky notes with shopping lists, which she never had when she needed them. Here’s what she recommends buying to comfortably diaper baby:

Changing table and pad with covers—at least 2—or a bureau and a changing pad to place on top.
Disposable or cloth diapers. Have a week’s supply on hand; you can expect to go through 10 to 12 diapers a day.
Diaper pail, for disposables. “Don’t rely on the standard trash can. You definitely want some kind of diaper pail that hides the odor,” Dobbins says.
Diaper bag or bin, for cloth. A diaper service may provide this at an additional cost.
Diaper covers or waterproof pants, for cloth. (Some newer types have impervious outer layers, so check yours.)
Diaper cream.
Wipes. Buy unscented for newborns and expect to use 100 to 150 in the first week; thick paper towels and a spray bottle can work as well. When it comes to extras like a wipe warmer, Dobbins cautions, “Remember that anything you build into the diapering routine, you have to keep up.”For more tips and log sheets for baby’s early days, go to

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