Why you should take 3 months of maternity leave

Throughout your pregnancy you'll want to prepare for when the baby is born, including how long you should take off of work for maternity leave. It's well known that the U.S. doesn't have the most enjoyable benefits for new mothers. In fact, the U.S. offers new moms no paid time off and around just 12 weeks of protected leave. Compare those numbers to countries such as Estonia that offer 108 weeks of paid leave and 180 weeks of protected leave, giving moms plenty of time off to bond with …

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Expert tips on putting your baby to sleep

Those First Sleepless Nights: 0 to 2 months by Nancy LePatourel  The good news is, your newborn’s sleep problems aren’t your fault. “Temperament and biology determine sleeping patterns at this age,” says Nicky Cohen, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist specializing in children’s sleep issues. The bad news is, there’s not much you can do to make it better. “How well your infant sleeps has little to do with parenting before the age of 6 to 8 weeks.” Just know that things …

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3 Ways Gay Men make Great Dads

Gay parents aren't restrained by the same societal norms that quietly push straight parents into confined ruts of conditioned patterns. Freed of these constraints, they typically do a number of things that make for a more thriving family. Here are 3 of the ways that we can learn from their experience.Read it below if you prefer.Watch more videos at www.FullFrontalFatherhood.com.Gay men often make better dads than straight guys, not because they are inherently better …

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Do you need a nanny cam?

A few questions from someone on the other side of the lens by Nanny Stella of Nanny 911  What do I think about nanny cams? I think if you’re using them for valid reasons in the short term, then go ahead. For example, if you’re extremely nervous about leaving your child with a “stranger” and initially want to ease your mind and help ensure your child’s safety and well-being, go for it. Are you going to be working full time and genuinely want to see your child throughout the …

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6 reasons new parenthood is the best thing ever

From sleepless nights to social isolation and an obsession with diapers, there are many ways a newborn can shake your existence to the core. But here's the silver lining: That little bundle of joy on its way promises to bring a whole lot of good too. Let us count the ways a new baby can thrill and delight:You're the center of the universe: When your little one arrives, you'll be the sun and the moon to him or her. Your voice will soothe, your arms will comfort and it will be your loving …

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Co-sleeping: What every pregnant woman needs to know now

You're probably hearing it already - "back is best," the mantra The American Academy of Pediatrics hopes to instill in new parents in regard to infant sleep. Since 1992, the AAP has been issuing this advice: Put baby down to sleep on his or her back, on a firm mattress in a crib. Every time. No exceptions.But let's get real. The sleep deprivation of new parenthood may find you catching some z's wherever you can - even if that means sharing a bed with your new baby. While you may not plan …

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8 baby care tips for new dads

Father’s Daze - A new dad’s guide to baby care New dads have an image problem. We’re often seen as clueless and inept, with all the natural parenting ability of a canned ham. This is not our fault, at least partly. Unlike women, we were not born knowing what a “layette” is or that yoo-hoo is not an acceptable infant formula. This is why new dads must take some responsibility for this handicap and make an effort to learn what it takes to gear up for daddyhood.Still, …

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The napping tip that could save your baby’s life

Once your son or daughter is born, chances are you'll take laughable measures to lull him or her to sleep. Do lunges in the dark while clutching your baby to your chest? Sure, why not? Run the hairdryer, hum and bounce gently on an exercise ball? OK, if you say so. When it comes to newborns and sleep patterns, almost any gentle and seemingly safe tactic is fair game - except for this one: The car seat is for driving only, not for extended periods of sleep.A recent study out of Penn State …

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Baby-proofing? Nix this risky item from your laundry room

While you are baby-proofing your home in preparation for your little one's arrival, consider looking beyond the stairs and light sockets. Each year, thousands of babies and young children are rushed to the emergency room after ingesting laundry soap pods. If you don't keep your soaps locked up and out of reach, your laundry room could one day be a hazardous place for baby. Why it's a big deal These pods, meant to make life easier, are great stand-ins for heavy and messy liquid soap …

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Your pregnancy diet, your baby and asthma

Worried about chronic illness befalling your little one? What you eat now, when you're expecting, can help strengthen your baby's immunity and ward off certain diseases later in life. How's that for motivation to put down the powdered donut and reach for the veggie drawer?A new report published in the journal Nature Communications suggests that a mom-to-be who eats a high-fiber diet can help her offspring stave off asthma. This illness is incurable, but it's also treatable. …

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