How Many Activity Mats Does a Baby Really Need?

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How to get your baby to be attached

By Sandra HumeDuring my first pregnancy, I went headlong into information overload. I googled. I quizzed other parents. Books from Amazon spilled out of my mailbox. The more I tried to absorb, the clearer it was how much I didn’t know. Like about breastfeeding. And where the baby would sleep. That was a new one to me—I thought babies slept in cribs, end of story. And what in the world was “babywearing”? I’d accidentally stumbled onto the world of “Attachment …

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Child’s Play

By Marianne M. Szymanski, founder of Toy Tips Research InstituteWhen you’re on the nest, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying mounds of stuffed animals and new toys to fill the nursery. Instead, keep your own shopping list simple—leave the expensive giant teddy and motorized choo-choo to your rich Aunt Matilda.After all, a child’s first (and best) plaything is you! Infants need love and affection through eye contact, smiles, and touch. It is your eyes, voice, and hugs …

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Her First Manicure

In the very beginning, you might only need an emery board. Yes, they make baby-sized emery boards! Some newborn’s nails are so soft that a clipper or scissors just aren’t necessary. But some babes have nails that are too thin for filing. Either way, once you’re ready to move on to the heavy machinery, just follow these simple tips.The first few times, you may want to try clipping while baby sleeps (if she’s a good sleeper) or right after a bath when nails are softest. Use …

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Birthday Blowout

By Sheri KasprzakWhen we threw my son Gabriel a first birthday party, I anticipated an icing-covered face and adorable grin. Instead, every photo taken that day shows child who’s far more confused than happy. Did I overdo it? Probably.Your baby won’t remember her first birthday, but you’ll still want to commemorate this special milestone. So how do you plan a party that satisfies your need to celebrate and honors your child’s need to, well, be a baby?“Year one is …

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Preemie Basics

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 12 percent of babies are born premature. If you’re a new parent to a preemie, take heart. Below are preemie-specific tips for caring for your extra-little one once you’ve left the confines of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). They will help you enjoy what every mom looks forward to—bringing your new baby home.Have a Safe Ride Home The appropriate car seat is crucial, says Phyllis Dennery, M.D., professor of …

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The Moniker Manual

By Linda ChildersAfter I saw the first ultrasound of my son taken when he was the size of a small dot at 10 weeks, my husband and I began affectionately referring to him as “Peanut.” Although we never actually planned to name him after a groundnut, we didn’t realize we were actually trendsetters. It wasn’t until this past July—when General Hospital actor Ingo Rademacher christened his firstborn son Peanut Rademacher—that we realized we’d inadvertently chosen a hip moniker. …

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The right items are lifesavers when you’re outdoors in winter with baby in tow. Here’s advice from Ali Wing, founder of baby boutique Giggle, New York City resident, and author of the new Giggle Guide to Baby Gear. Wing’s top cold weather must-have might surprise you: “One of the most forgotten items is sunscreen,” she says. “People come in to the store in winter— ‘I can’t believe it, my baby got sunburned.’ ” What else should you have on hand for the cold …

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The Diaper Dilemma

By Laura LiangIf green is the new black, baby diapers are anything but stylish. It turns out that all diapering choices—cloth, disposable, and hybrid—come with potential problems for Mother Earth. Because no method is absolutely environmentally friendly, the quandary persists: Wash or toss?Unfortunately, science hasn’t yet settled the debate. Until recently, studies on the environmental impact of diapers were funded by either the disposable or cloth diaper industries. The …

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Let’s Go, Baby!

By Linda ChildersShelly Rivoli of El Cerrito, CA, initially thought her days of taking long, exotic vacations would be put on hold after the birth of her daughter, Angelina, now 4. “One day, when Angelina was an infant, I was bouncing her on my lap and I realized I could be doing that anywhere in the world,” Rivoli says. “By the time she turned 2, she’d crawled, cruised, or walked on 4 continents and a handful of islands, and had a brand new sister.” Many new parents might …

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