Name-napping: How to pick a baby name without the battle

As parents, we all want to feel like we're bestowing our babies with beautiful, strong and one-of-a-kind names. Hearing that others in our circles share the same tastes can be devastating. That being said, if you're not careful, choosing a name for your little one can turn into a tug-of-war. Here's how to avoid a battle, pick a moniker you love, and do it all while keeping your sanity (and relationships) in tact.Be intentionalIf you and your partner have your hearts set on …

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Living at High Altitude doubles risk of SIDS

Families living at high altitudes should be aware of a 2x higher risk of SIDS says a new study reported by the New York Times. Living at high altitude is associated with increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome, a new report has found.Researchers studied Colorado birth certificate and death registries from 2007 to 2012, and assessed the link to altitude using maternal residential addresses for nearly 395,000 infants. The findings were published in Pediatrics. After controlling for …

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Babies shift the household balance – and not in your favor

We love when science puts data behind what we've been thinking all along. A new report, published in the June 2015 issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family, found that women primarily shoulder the burden of new parenthood. That may not sound like news, but the key point is that men thought they were sharing the load, when in fact they were letting their partners do the bulk of the baby work.The study zeroed in on 182 highly educated, dual-career couples who claimed that sharing the …

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Registry must-have: The baby sling

So you're in the throes of creating your baby registry? Skip adding another set of tiny pajamas and include an item you're definitely going to need: A baby sling. In some parts of the world, the act of babywearing is as old as time. But here in the U.S., it's a relatively new phenomenon, with dozens of different styles flooding the marketplace.What is it?First off, babywearing is just as it sounds - the act of quite literally strapping your son or daughter to your chest as you go …

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Cord blood: Why it’s OK not to bank it

As moms, we do a lot of things in the name of safety. But it turns out saving your newborn's cord blood doesn't have to be one of them. Spend any length of time researching your upcoming labor and delivery online, and you're bound to come across a private bank designed to store blood from your little one's umbilical cord. Here's what you need to know: The basics In recent years, there's been a lot of buzz about cord blood banking. This involves collecting blood from the umbilical cord shortly …

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Inductions lead to C-sections? A new report says ‘No more’

Talk to any natural birth advocate and he or she is bound to start in on the evils of labor induction. For years, the party line has been that one intervention during labor and delivery just snowballs and leads to another. While this may have a kernel of truth to it, a new report published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology concludes that being induced doesn't increase your odds of the ultimate intervention - a Cesarean.This report should come as welcome news for any …

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Moon Cocoon Sleep Sack

This fluffy sleep sack is nice and warm and cozy. It's like a little sleeping bag that wraps around your baby. It looks like a tiny zip-on duvet.The colors are cute. The fabric is soft. I love the idea of a fluffy warm sleep sack which I can use until the baby can be covered in a real duvet. The snaps and zipper make the cocoon adjustable and fairly tight fitting under the arms to keep in warmth. Baby is toasty in the morning after a good night's sleep.The downside to all the …

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Should the government punish anti-vaxxers?

In ever-controversial vaccination news, Australians may lose big if they don't keep baby's records up-to-date. The country's Prime Minister Tony Abbott proposed cutting off government aid to parents who refused vaccines for their children.If approved, the new penalties will go into place in January of next year, rendering 10 percent of Australians ineligible for government assistance and family-related tax benefits totaling $15,000 per child. The bill is aimed strategically at …

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Pregnant? It’s time to rethink your Facebook posts

Add this to the list of items to nix now that you're pregnant: Over sharing on social media. Not only do your online pals not want to hear about another row with morning sickness - but by laying off Facebook posts, you may be doing best for baby too.As if we really needed a study to confirm it, researchers at the University of Michigan surveyed the nation to talk about over sharing parents on social media. The results are hardly surprising: Parents talk way too much about their kids …

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The surprising thing your newborn leaves behind in your body

Perhaps to prime us for a lifetime of our children leaving things behind, it turns out that babies shed fetal cells before being born. These cells live inside the mother's body, even years after a child has been delivered - meaning that as moms, we carry a physical piece of our babies with us wherever we go. Sounds sweet, doesn't it?Researchers don't quite know what these cells mean for moms. One thought is that they exist to help ensure that mom's body doesn't reject a …

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