How to deal with having a premature baby

The First 100 DaysA few life lessons I learned from my son’s stay in the NICUI learned to change Eli’s diaper by reaching my arms through the portholes of an incubator.  The diaper was barely larger than a matchbook, and replacing it amid the tangle of wires attached to his little body terrified me.The first time I got to hold my son, he was 4 weeks old.  He had grown by then to a little over 2 pounds, from his birth weight of 1 pound, 11 ounces.  Before his nurse could …

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20 questions to choose the right pediatrician

Let’s Play 20 Questions When looking for the right pediatrician, this interview will help you narrow the field.You have almost as many options for your child’s pediatrician as you do at a Chinese restaurant.While the choice of a provider is a heck of a lot more important than the choice between lo mein and kung pao, the principle is the same: You are making a choice based on your preferences.Here’s just one example of why we think who and when you choose are important.  Most …

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5 Common Mistakes New Parents Make

A mass of baby-related information inundates new and expecting parents. It comes, solicited or not, from well-meaning friends and family, books, websites, healthcare professionals, and media. But no matter how much you absorb as you set out on your parenting journey, keep in mind that all parents take wrong turns here and there. And while most of those so-called mistakes are harmless, there are a few common areas you'll want to pay particular attention to. Car seatsMost new …

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From Womb to World

For nine months your baby was nurtured in the ideal sensory world of the womb. From this calm environment your baby emerged into our busy sensory world. At birth, human babies are less mature than almost any other mammal. Their little brain is not capable of any conscious decision or voluntary movement but is an advanced sensory organ. In other words the brain takes in information from the senses and over time learns to process and make sense of the new sensory input.The best ways to ease …

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Cloth Diaper Road Test

Cloth diapers aren’t really my thingAnd they aren’t my fellow co-founder Chelsea’s either. In fact, when she told me she was going to do a story on cloth diapers, I thought she was just trying to make me laugh. But no, she insisted. A year passed and I never did see that story. She came to her senses, realized she wasn’t a “cloth diaper person,” and asked me to do it. I laughed. A few weeks would go by and she’d ask me to do it again; I would laugh. …

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Baby Food 911

Tyler Florence in his home kitchen with Dorothy, 2, and Hayden, 3.Interview by Abigail Tuller Photography by Mark MadeoAs the co-founder of Sprout Organic Baby Food—among many other ventures celebrity chef Tyler Florence has a mission for new moms: Tackle the nation’s food crisis in your own kitchen by starting your little one on fresh, healthy purées. Baby will eat well for life.A bit about Sprout: "Sprout Organic Baby Food came along because there wasn’t anything like it. I …

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Baby’s Coming – Get Ready

Word of Mom | You: having a babyBaby’s coming, get ready Our short list of what’s crucial to have in place before your infant comes home – and whyRemoving the disco ball from the spare bedroom isn’t the only thing you need to do before bringing baby home. Long before you deliver, it’s a good idea to prepare for baby’s arrival by readying his room (or area) and making sure that you have the key items you’ll need.If baby will have his own room, ask your …

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Baby Talk

Word of Mom | RelationshipsBaby Talk Your little one can’t speak yet – but he does have something to tell youOur baby cries, so you try to feed him. He’s not hungry, so you change his diaper. He’s still unhappy, but now you have no idea what’s wrong. You desperately want to help, but how can you when you don’t know what he wants? Luckily, you don’t have to wait until your baby can talk to understand him, because he does communicate—with body language and other …

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What Color is your Nursery?

By Bonnie Siegler If you’re planning nursery décor, your color choice may be more than just a preference. Inspired by a few celebs’ favorite hues, expert color theorist Dewey Sadka and Serena Dugan, co-founder of premier linens and décor company Serena & Lily, combined color personality theory with decorating advice to help you create your ideal baby retreat. Plus: nursery feng shui and a baby registry for the real world. Blue JULIA ORMOND (mom of Sophie, 5) “I’ve always …

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Basic Baby Care

A simple guide for complicated parents.Most new parents confess to feeling two equally strong emotions at the birth of their baby: awesome, heart-wrenching love and total terror. It’s no wonder why: You suddenly have in your possession a tiny creature whose around-the-clock care is entirely up to you.Because you’ve probably never done any of this before, you’re bound to make mistakes—but your baby looks so fragile that the idea of error seems disastrous. Even the most calm, …

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