Prenatal exercise gives baby’s heart a boost too

Here's yet another reason to hit the gym during pregnancy: Prenatal exercise is not only healthy for mom's heart, but baby's too. It turns out, taking up a regular fitness routine can lower your baby's risk of cardiovascular disease down the line, according to new research out of Michigan State University.This news is particularly useful for women at risk for pre-term birth, as underweight babies often suffer from high blood pressure. If left untreated, high blood pressure …

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Delayed cord clamping, better for baby

Of all the contentious items of pregnancy and childbirth, who knew choosing when to cut the umbilical cord would inspire so much debate? First, let's back up. When babies are born, they are still connected to mom by this cord - and the cord must be cut and clamped shortly after birth to separate the two.In the 1950s, it was considered early to clamp the cord 1 minute post birth, and late after 5 minutes. Nowadays, it's customary to do so immediately, usually 15-20 seconds …

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Baby names inspired by springtime

If you're stuck on choosing a name for your little one, why not take inspiration from the seasons? With the beginning of spring comes a whole host of fresh and beautiful names to help you and your partner find the right match for your son or daughter. From floral and greenery to bubbling brooks and songbirds, springtime may open your eyes to a new baby name you'll love.GirlsIris: This girl's name has a double meaning, both of which have their roots in nature. An iris is a …

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The first trimester: How your baby takes shape

While you're struggling to keep down breakfast in those first months of pregnancy, your little one is undergoing some remarkable changes. From a collection of cells, to a little being who can hiccup in your womb, here's what's cooking with your developing baby during the first trimester of pregnancy:Well before you may even know you're pregnant, your future baby - just a zygote (or fertilized cell) has the genetic makeup he or she needs to determine gender, hair and eye …

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The case for public breastfeeding

Do you think breastfeeding moms should hide inside their nurseries when it's time for their babies to eat? We say, "No way!" Here's why we think nursing in public should be the new norm:Boobs are for babiesThere's nothing remotely sexual about nursing our young. Anyone who says otherwise is, quite frankly, a creep. The fact that we can nourish and grow beautiful, healthy babies from milk our own bodies produce naturally is pretty much the coolest thing ever. …

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11 Crazy Ways To (NOT) Get Rid of A Pacifier

When my son was born I was all about breastfeeding him. On my birth plan, it specifically stated NO sugar water, and NO pacifiers. I didn’t want my son to end up with nipple confusion. I was going to make sure that I waited the two weeks for his latch to be fully established. Well, about 4 days of him crying made me reconsider. Call me weak if you will.That tiny little baby will be two in April, and it is a rare occasion to see a picture of him without his paci. Every single person he …

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The new mom advice I wish I’d received

Last month, my 10-month-old daughter started crawling. One moment she was next to me on the floor, and the next, she was clear across the room with her finger scratching at the electrical socket. Since then, she's been zipping around our home, unpacking my purse, toppling stacks of clean laundry and chasing after the cat, much to his chagrin. She's animated and funny, joyful, curious and just a little bit wild - a far cry from her colicky and inconsolable newborn days. But I hate to …

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10 Things You NEVER Say to a Mom with a Colicy Baby

Having a child with colic is tough and tired business no matter what, but it’s unnecessary, cruel and unusual hell for first time mothers. We’re neurotic, worried, tired, possibly hurting because there are stitches in our VAGINAS (or perhaps a gaping hole in our stomachs), and we feel like we don’t know what in the fresh hell we are doing. Your comments and well-meaning advice are only adding to the shit pile of tired and stinky misery.This goes double if you’re doling out advice …

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New study: Feeding Infants Peanut Products Could Prevent Allergies

Turning what was once conventional wisdom on its head, a new study suggests that many, if not most peanut allergies can be prevented by feeding young children food containing peanuts beginning in infancy, rather than avoiding such foods. About 2 percent of American children are allergic to peanuts, a figure that has more than quadrupled since 1997 for reasons that are not entirely clear. There have also been big increases in other Western countries. For some people, even traces of peanuts can …

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6 ways your newborn baby is about to rock your world

With each day of your pregnancy, you're one step closer to bringing your baby into the world. Life is about to change, you know that of course. But how much of your day-to-day routine will you send to the chopping block when your little one arrives? Read on for a peek at your future.You become a morning person: Who knew that sweet bundle in your arms could have the internal clock of a barnyard rooster? Babies are up at the crack of dawn, so unfortunately you will be too. The other side to …

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