Real-World Babyproofing

By Leslie AyersWhen I think of babyproofing, I recall a scene in Baby Mama in which Tina Fey walks into her bathroom to find Amy Pohler squatting atop the sink to pee. Why? Pohler’s character—Fey’s birth surrogate—can’t figure out how to undo the babyproof toilet-seat lock.The purpose of babyproofing your home is, of course, to protect your baby from certain hazards so she can grow, develop, and explore without getting hurt.I polled a couple dozen moms of small children …

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Had Enough Baby Advice?

  How I found the bright side of all the parental boundary-crossing—but please don’t tell my wife’s grandma. By Ryan MarshallWithin minutes of finding out that my wife was pregnant—and after experiencing the pure joy of that moment with her—we were faced with the decision of when to share this great news with others. Little did I know that soon after we mentioned the pregnancy to people, we would be subjected to an avalanche of unsolicited advice.Once the congratulatory …

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Finding Baby’s First Sitter

You’re finally ready for a night off, but how do you find a sitter you can trust? By Nanny Stella of Nanny 911Hiring the right babysitter is a serious task. You don’t want anyone to be cavalier caring for your children, so don’t you be cavalier when hiring them.The Search Use all of your resources to put out the word. Check with family and friends first; if they are using a reliable sitter, ask if she might know someone. Even though word of mouth is always a good way to go, …

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Banking on Baby’s Health

By Ziba Kashef, Editor at Large There’s yet another decision that isn’t so cut and dried: saving your child’s cord blood. This update should clear things up When Jenny Levine was pregnant with her first child, her ob/gyn gave her an info packet with a brochure on umbilical cord–blood banking. Apparently, the blood in her baby’s cord could be collected, saved, and possibly used for treatment if the baby or a family member got seriously sick. But due to the cost of banking—more than …

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Baby’s First Classroom

Can you make your child smarter before she’s born? Here’s what the experts are saying about the latest trends in prenatal educationBy Brooke Lea FosterWhen Elizabeth Lam was three months pregnant, she visited her local Babies“R”Us. The kindergarten teacher and first-time mom wasn’t shopping for high chairs—she was looking for ways to stimulate the mind of her unborn child. “I was trying to find anything I could to play on my stomach for my son to hear,” she says. “I …

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How Many Activity Mats Does a Baby Really Need?

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How to get your baby to be attached

By Sandra HumeDuring my first pregnancy, I went headlong into information overload. I googled. I quizzed other parents. Books from Amazon spilled out of my mailbox. The more I tried to absorb, the clearer it was how much I didn’t know. Like about breastfeeding. And where the baby would sleep. That was a new one to me—I thought babies slept in cribs, end of story. And what in the world was “babywearing”? I’d accidentally stumbled onto the world of “Attachment …

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Child’s Play

By Marianne M. Szymanski, founder of Toy Tips Research InstituteWhen you’re on the nest, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying mounds of stuffed animals and new toys to fill the nursery. Instead, keep your own shopping list simple—leave the expensive giant teddy and motorized choo-choo to your rich Aunt Matilda.After all, a child’s first (and best) plaything is you! Infants need love and affection through eye contact, smiles, and touch. It is your eyes, voice, and hugs …

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Her First Manicure

In the very beginning, you might only need an emery board. Yes, they make baby-sized emery boards! Some newborn’s nails are so soft that a clipper or scissors just aren’t necessary. But some babes have nails that are too thin for filing. Either way, once you’re ready to move on to the heavy machinery, just follow these simple tips.The first few times, you may want to try clipping while baby sleeps (if she’s a good sleeper) or right after a bath when nails are softest. Use …

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Birthday Blowout

By Sheri KasprzakWhen we threw my son Gabriel a first birthday party, I anticipated an icing-covered face and adorable grin. Instead, every photo taken that day shows child who’s far more confused than happy. Did I overdo it? Probably.Your baby won’t remember her first birthday, but you’ll still want to commemorate this special milestone. So how do you plan a party that satisfies your need to celebrate and honors your child’s need to, well, be a baby?“Year one is …

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