Waterproof bedding from BSensible Review

Midnight sheet changes after an accident or diaper leak are always such a hassle.  If I have a clean extra sheet maybe I don't have an extra clean mattress protector, or vice versa, and changing both adds extra time I don't want to spend at midnight.  Why not combine a mattress protector and a sheet into one?  That's the concept behind BSensible's new bedding line that includes crib sheets and toddler bed sheets and pillowcases (twin size) in lovely colors including light and dark blue, …

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Buyers Guide
MSRP: MC-24 (pictured) $259. When you’re shopping for your baby’s nursery, did you start by picking out the perfect crib and dresser set? You probably envision your bundle of joy in the crib so you want to pick that out first! After all, your baby could spend up to 16 hours a day sleeping. What’s your child actually touching? It’s not the furniture. The most critical part of your baby environment is the crib mattress. As you plan your baby’s nursery and consider the investments, we …

Little Giraffe Blankets, Clothing, Toys and More

The moment you’re introduced to Little Giraffe, you’ll be drawn to it. Luxuriously soft, Little Giraffe’s blankets, towels and plush toys are meant to be worn and held close.  Try any item in the line, and the Little Giraffe brand is destined to be a favorite for both you and baby.Thick, plush blankets are their signature products, with a variety of elegant patterns and sizes ranging from 14” x 14” blankies to 29” x 35” receiving blankets. Pictured here is their Chenille Leaf …

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Get your Green on for St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17th is quickly approaching and, with it, the mad dash to find something green to ward off St. Patrick’s Day pinches.  Bring on the luck of the Irish with these great products for both you and baby! Deck baby out in a super comfortable Lime Bodysuit from AXL Brand.  Made from 100% organic cotton, these onesies sport a stylish, classic look that’s perfect for any occasion.  Thoughtful in design, AXL apparel is free of scratchy tags and connects with nickel-free snaps.  Being from …

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The baby mattress: why it’s among top 3 in importance

When you’re getting ready for your baby, you’re sure to start thinking of all the nursery gear you’ll need, like a crib, changing table, diaper pail and a rocking chair. The last item you’re going to remember is probably a crib mattress. It’s certainly not the most exciting purchase you’ll make, but it’s one of the most important. Instead of treating it like an afterthought, take your time choosing a quality mattress that’s good for you and your …

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Coyuchi Crib Mattress Pad

Preparing for the birth of a child includes an extraordinary number of purchases and, along the way, compromises are made because, frankly, it gets really expensive. However, there are certain items where second best just isn’t good enough. For me, bedding is chief among them, which is why I love Coyuchi. Given how much time a baby spends in her crib and in such close proximity with the bedding, it’s essential to me that all related materials be natural and free of chemicals. Coyuchi …

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Skip Hop “The Complete Sheet” Treetop Friends

Now that crib bumpers are a definite “no-no” for safety reasons, nursery decorations can feel a little ho-hum with just a regular sheet covering your baby’s crib mattress. Not anymore! The Skip Hop Treetop Friends Complete Sheet is the perfect answer to ensure safety for your child and a bright, decorative, engaging look in your nursery without a bumper! As part of a complete bumper-free bedding set, the innovative sheet itself is the main attraction. It’s got a different design on …

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