Philips AVENT double electric Comfort breast pump

Philips AVENT double electric Comfort breast pumpMRSP $200-275:3 cycle/suction speeds, let down, adapts to non-standard bottles, closed system; however, no battery and no car adapter,This is the newest double electric breast pump by Philips AVENT.  With the aim of creating of more comfortable pumping experience, it has some slight, though significant, changes from the older twin electric pump.The most notable change is a switch from the finger trigger control located on one of …

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Lansinoh Affinity Breast Pump

Double Electric Breast PumpMSRP: $130Weight 2 lbs, battery and AC adapter, no car adapter, 6 cycle speeds, 8 suction settings, standard bottle type, closed system.The pump is flat with built-in bottle holders and timer. It is very lightweight, weighing in at about 2 pounds. While not as compact as some other pumps, it should fit into most larger purses or tote bags. It has separate controls for both cycle (length of pull) and strength of suction. This allows for a more …

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Philips AVENT Twin Electric Breast Pump

MSRP: $160-$220Weight 9 lbs, AC adapter, no battery, no car adapter, cycle and suction continuously variable, non-standard bottles, closed system.Philips AVENT breast pump offers many unique features. First,rather than having dial/button controls for cycle/suction, the pump controls are on a special attachment that sits on one of the breast connectors. There is a trigger-like controller that allows you to establish the cycle/suction, with a memory button to instruct the pump to …

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Medela Pump In Style Tote

MSRP: $250-$300Weight 8 lbs, battery and AC adapter, car adapter available, let down, cycle/suction continuously variable, standard bottle, open system.The Medela breast pump is attached to the tote (or other carrying bag depending on model) with its own easy-access compartment. While this makes it very portable, it may be harder to actually move while pumping and will takeup more space on a countertop or desk. It includes a let-down setting, with a button to switch from …

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Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

MSRP: $320-$350Weight 1 lb, battery and AC adapter, car adapter available, let down, cycle suction variable, handsfree standard bottle, open system.The Medela Freestyle breast pump is all about portability. The pump is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and can be thrown into most bags or purses. Included rechargeable battery pack holds its charge for 3+ hours of pumping, which means you only have to recharge it once or twice a week depending on use. Rechargeable …

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Simplisse Double Electric breast pump

MSRP:$279Weight 8 lbs, AC adapter, no battery, no car adapter, cycle and suction continuously variable, standard bottles, closed system.Simplisse has a different method behind its breast pump. Rather than using suction strength alone, it mimics the physical contact of the baby’s tongue and mouth to express milk. Given this major difference, the pieces of the pump are also a little different. There are two different breast cups that fit into connector piece. While there is no …

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First Years miPump Double Electric Breast Pump

MSRP: $70-$80Weight 2 lbs, battery/AC adapter, no car adapter, 8 cycle speeds / suction settings, non-standard bottle, open system.The First Year breast pump is one of the smaller pumps, though if using batteries, it must be in the pump cradle. There is no let-down phase, and it is recommended that you hand express first to achieve let-down. It has up/ down buttons to control cycle/suction.The breastshields are soft plastic, which are comfortable but can flip inside-out with …

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Simplisse Double Electric Breast Pump

I was very excited to try the Simplisse Breast Pump and when it arrived I couldn’t open the box fast enough. The Simplisse Double Electric Breast Pump comes neatly packed in a large box and includes everything you need for pumping, plus 4 collection bottles, a small cooler, 2 gel freezer packs and 4 breast pads. It all comes packed in a cute nylon over-the-shoulder purse style bag.The breast pump comes fully assembled but must be sterilized before using. Before taking it apart and washing it, …

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