First Years miPump Double Electric Breast Pump

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 First Years miPump Double Electric Breast Pump[amazon asin=B001MS82HM&text=First Years miPump Double Electric]

MSRP: $70-$80

Weight 2 lbs, battery/AC adapter, no car adapter, 8 cycle speeds / suction settings, non-standard bottle, open system.

The First Year breast pump is one of the smaller pumps, though if using batteries, it must be in the pump cradle. There is no let-down phase, and it is recommended that you hand express first to achieve let-down. It has up/ down buttons to control cycle/suction.

The breastshields are soft plastic, which are comfortable but can flip inside-out with pressure. There is a handle attachment to allow for single-hand pumping. While it is an open system, milk rarely made its way into the tubing. However, as moisture still collects in the tubing, care is needed to keep it clean. The valve consists of two attached pieces, which makes cleaning a little difficult.

The First Years pump is one of the cheap- er pumps on the dual electric market. It does include a tote carrier, although it would likely not have space for extra bottles and cooler (which are not included). While com- fort is not equal to other, more expensive pumps, the First Years miPump expresses milk very well and is a great alternative for mothers on a budget.


 First Years miPump Double Electric Breast Pump First Years miPump Double Electric Breast Pump

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