Lifefactory Teether

July 06, 2013 5:56 PM by

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When our baby started to show signs of teething, we wanted to make sure we got her some teethers that were absolutely safe and of course environmentally friendly. We turned to Lifefactory because we are familiar with their BPA-Free Glass Bottles and love the practicality of their products.

Lifefactory teethers are the right size and shape for baby to grip and hold on to with no fuss. They are made out of silicone and have quite a few textures embedded to them to promote multi-sensory motor skills. They can be refridgerated just like other teethers to soothe sore gums.

Best of all, they are dishwasher safe and I can truly attest this quality because we have put ours on the top shelf of the dishwasher plenty of times.

We love these teethers and never leave home without one.

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