Love Means…

January 29, 2009 by

 Love Means...

From left to right:

Chubby Delicious Cupcake Lounge Set (pant not shown) | $42

Oobi Baby Snow Bunny Long Pants in Pink | $46

Sweet Shoes Sweet Janes in Red Metallic | $35

Babystyle Lovebirds Embroidered Set for Baby (also includes pant at right) | $40

Hummingbaby Andy Short in Pink | $34

Pediped Jackie in Fuschia Nubuck | $31

Simply FaBOWlous Bow Baby Hat in Pink & Brown Dots | $22

Totem Owls Baby Gift Set in Pink (also includes hat and bib) | $44

Babystyle Lovebirds Pant


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