GlamourMom Nursing Bra Long Top

Rest assured that this is one tank top that doesn’t look like a “nursing top” at all. In fact, I could see myself wearing this tank top when I am no longer nursing! The length of the tank top is perfect. I’m 5’ 7” and the tank top hits me well below my hips with ample room to cover my tummy. I usually wear a size 6-8 and I ordered a size Medium, which fits perfectly. There is a built in nursing bra that has an adjustable elastic chest band, which will allow me to tighten the inner …

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Bamboobies – for all your nursing needs

Until you have a new baby, you don’t realize all the nursing supplies you’ll need to keep yourself comfortable and presentable.  Luckily, Bamboobies takes care of many of your needs from their signature heart-shaped washable nursing pads to nursing covers and bras. When nursing my first child, I remember a friend of mine dropping off a box of disposable nursing pads.  While I wasn’t sure why I needed them, my friend assured me that they were essential, and I soon discovered why.  …

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The Dairy Fairy – Arden nursing bra

The Dairy Fair Arden Bra is feminine, functional and a must have if you are a nursing and/or pumping mom! I am a working mom and I pump between 3-4 times/day while at work. I also do a lot of pumping in my car because pumping and driving is an efficient use of my time. On a typical day I am pumping for 60-90 minutes so I have to be productive during this time. The Arden Bra allows me to have my hands-free for emails, phone calls, driving, etc. Before I started using the Arden Bra, I had to …

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Organic Kidz Nursing Cover

”Baby & Me” by Organic Kidz is the perfect nursing cover. I have tried quite a few that all end up with the same issue – cover falls flat on baby’s face while nursing! And if your baby is like mine, she hates anything touching her face so this was a big issue. Enter ”Baby & Me”. The big difference between this product and other nursing covers in the market is not only is it bigger in size allowing for more leverage for mom’s skin to be unseen …

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Ameda Nursing Camisole Review

I recently tried out the Ameda Intimates Nursing Camisole and found it to be comfortable and durable.  Overall, I’d recommend this bra to someone looking for a nursing camisole to wear underneath clothing.  The main pluses are the shape, material, durability and sizing.  The minus is the amount of support for larger breasts. On the plus side, the camisole is true to size based on the sizing chart that Ameda provides online, and based on my current size while nursing.  Relative to other …

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Ameda’s NEW Nursing Bra

It is so difficult to find a nursing bra that is comfortable yet supportive and functional at the same time. The nursing bra from Ameda is all that and more. First, and most importantly, it is really easy to wear. The material is a seamless super soft microfiber fabric - it was never itchy or too warm/cold. The fabric is advertised as being lightly absorbent and working to prevent odor and I found this to be true which is very important, especially, if you have a limited number of nursing bras …

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