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February 19, 2010 12:00 AM by

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A couple of über-hip moms give their picks for bouncy seats that shake, rattle and… lull.

By Chelsea Gladden and Alex Ota

Consider this the Elvis of baby chairs. The innovative side-to-side sway keeps your baby movin’ and swayin’ just like The King. With five unique motions, Junior will feel just like he’s in your arms when it’s time for “a little less conversation.” (4moms mamaRoo in Green and Brown, $200,


If this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, then let your wee one steer the stars—or at least have golden living dreams—in this mod lounger and rocker. You can even “let the sun shine” because it comes with a shade. No hair required. (Inglesina m’home Infant Loft Rocking Chair in Aqua, $89,


Here’s a little help from your friends: rear-mounted controls for the built-in sound and vibration unit; MP3 input; removable and collapsible canopy and toy bar; and a two-position recline. There hasn’t been a combo like this since the Fab Four. (Combi Pod Bouncer in Wasabi, $64,


This bouncer will take the little piece of your heart to soothe-ville. Its built-in MP3 player can play hot Joplin or mod Mingus. And it comes preloaded with classical tunes, soothing nature sounds, and calming vibrations. (Fisher-Price DwellStudio for Target MP3 Bouncer, $58,


With the sleek leather and curved, single-piece frame, this self-rocker is a rebel with a natural cause. In fact, this bells and whistles–free option would be Bob Dylan–approved because it’s as mellow as blowin’ in the wind. (Bloom Coco Stylewood Baby Lounger in Natural/Green, $200,

Chelsea Gladden and Alex Ota are the founders of The site provides expert interviews, fashion, product picks, and more for today’s smart and sassy modern mom.


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