Review: BOB Revolution SE Stroller

BOB Revolution SE MSRP $449 8 WEEKS TO 70 LBS (from birth with an infant car seat) WEIGHS 25 LBS With shocks, a front fork and a quick release wheel, the Revolution SE was built for performance. However, don’t be intimidated. You can adjust the settings on this stroller with ease. A sliding knob at the rear of the stroller lets you quickly adjust the shocks, and a tracking knob above the front wheel lets you tune the alignment. This stroller has plentiful storage with an undercarriage …

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Buyers Guide
MSRP: Snap $249.99, Snap4 $279.99 Valco Baby’s Snap line sets a new standard for comfort, maneuverability and portability in a compact stroller. Combining an ultra-lightweight frame with all of the features parents expect to find on a full-service stroller, the Valco Baby Snap is perfect for travel, every day errands in and out of the car and getting around town. Both the three-wheel Snap and four-wheel Snap4 feature large, roomy seats with built in support, full coverage canopies that …

Review: Cybex Ruby Stroller

Cybex Ruby Stroller MSRP $149 6 MONTHS TO 55 LBS (from birth with the Cybex Aton or other infant car seats) WEIGHS 12.9 LBS The Ruby is both lightweight and sturdy, combining an aluminum frame with mesh material that provides great ventilation and visibility. The large canopy extends both out and down for increased protection and can be rolled up in back to increase airflow. The machine washable seat has two positions that are determined by where you hook the seat to the frame. These …

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Review: Quicksmart Backpack Stroller

MSRP $219.99 6 MONTHS TO 45 LBS WEIGHS 11 LBS The Backpack Stroller consistently draws compliments, as the lightest and most compact stroller most parents have ever seen. Ideal for travel, it folds into such a small package that it fits in a backpack (included) and easily stows in an airplane’s overhead compartment. To achieve such miracles in weight and space, the stroller has some tradeoffs, sacrificing storage space and seat recline. Sitting relatively upright, the …

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Review: Joovy Groove Stroller

Joovy Groove stroller MSRP $199.99 3 MONTHS TO 55 LBS WEIGHS 17 LBS For an umbrella stroller, the Groove is sturdy while remaining easy to fold and deploy. The seat appears to be wider than most umbrellas, providing plenty of wiggle room and a generous degree of recline, while the leg support can extend outward or fold down to accommodate a growing child. The Groove sits on four larger-than-average wheels for a stroller of its size, which provides greater stability and a …

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Review: Babyhome Emotion Stroller

MSRP $299 3 MONTHS TO 55 LBS (from birth when paired with an infant car seat) WEIGHS 15 LBS Based in Spain, Babyhome is a recent arrival to the U.S. With a lightweight aluminum frame, this stroller weighs in at a mere 15 pounds, while providing a comfortable ride and large undercarriage storage. Both seat and footrest are adjustable to accommodate a range of heights, and this stroller comes with a mosquito net and rain shield—no separate purchase needed! The Emotion is …

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Review: Britax B-Agile Stroller

MSRP $249.99 BIRTH TO 55 LBS WEIGHS 16.5 LBS The B-Agile’s three-wheel design and larger wheel diameter provide stability and great maneuverability in a standard stroller. Easy to assemble, it comes with an adapter for use with Britax Chaperone and B-Safe infant car seats. With the B-Safe car seat, you can achieve full coverage by drawing both sunshades—a clamshell configuration perfect for sun protection, as well as for napping infants. Without the car seat, the …

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Review: Graco Fastaction Fold LX Stroller

MSRP $139.99 BIRTH TO 50 LBS WEIGHS 22 LBS The Graco Fastaction Fold LX is a solid stroller that can be combined with most Graco infant car seats to become a full travel system. When not used with a car seat, the stroller easily reclines to multiple positions. Side padding and a snack console provide your child with all the creature comforts, while a parent console ensures that you’re taken care of as well. A large under-seat basket provides additional storage. The …

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Britax B-Agile Stroller Review

Britax B-Agile StrollerMSRP $249.99BIRTH TO 55 LBSWEIGHS 16.5 LBSwww.britaxusa.comThe B-Agile’s three-wheel design and largerwheel diameter provide stability and greatmaneuverability in a standard stroller. Easy toassemble, it comes with an adapter for use withBritax Chaperone and B-Safe infant car seats.With the B-Safe car seat, you can achieve fullcoverage by drawing both sunshades—a clam-shell configuration perfect for sun protection, …

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Cybex Onyx Stroller Review

Cybex Onyx Stroller MSRP $229.99 Birth to 55 lbs Weighs 16.1 lbs Known for quality German engineering, Cybex presents a line of strollers that are sturdy, lightweight travel systems packed with great design. The Onyx is their mid-range stroller, between the Ruby and the Callisto. At just over 16 pounds, the Onyx is surprisingly solid and provides a smooth, comfortable ride with rear-wheel suspension that performs well, even on rough pavement. Its seat reclines to multiple positions with one …

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How to choose a Stroller

Designed to meet every need and price point – and available in every shape, size and color – today’s strollers are as much fashion accessory as utilitarian device.  Manufacturers range from trusted industry giants to entrants from abroad and, increasingly, a number of up-and-coming brands that have injected a fresh take on stroller design. A little confused with all these options?  Not sure where to dive in? Here’s a quick guide to help you choose a stroller (or strollers!) that’s …

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