Join an online mom group to beat the new mom blues

You knew things would change, but now that baby’s here meeting for coffee requires a degree in logistics. A simple girls’ night out can mean weeks of planning. If keeping up with your former social circle feels like driving a three-wheeled stroller across Siberia, you're not alone."I like to think of networking online as the new playground for moms," says Nichole Smith, a site moderator at and owner of her own site, "Social networking can …

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New pregnancy poll: Epidural or natural?

With the big day on the horizon, you must be giving thought to how you'll get through labor and delivery. Share with us, are you planning on an epidural, or are you hoping for a natural birth? Take our poll below!

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How to beat new mom isolation

There’s nothing to throw our lives off-axis like a newborn baby. All the joy and wonder aside, adjusting to life with a new son or daughter can leave us feeling alone, overwhelmed, and downright lonely. You feel like you have zero freedom, you're up all night, and downtime - what's that? Nip this new mom isolation in the bud with these tips for staying connected and comforted long after delivery day. Get social at your birthing class Sure, you’re there to learn about the stages of …

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Your pregnancy diet affects baby’s future tastes

Here’s how to make sure your little one will like the healthy stuff. by Kate Geagan, M.S., R.D.  “Mommy, more please.” Those magic words play like music to a mother’s ears, especially if the dish is something that qualifies as “healthy.” And although this scenario might seem far off while you’re still stuck in what could be The World’s Largest Pants, it appears that a budding eater’s “food road map” actually begins to develop while she’s still floating in …

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7 Ways to Cherish the Second Trimester

Congratulations! You made it to the second trimester. Finally, morning sickness is a thing of the past. You've discovered a new found energy. And your baby bump is adorable. The second trimester is a time to be cherished. So enjoy it! Here's how:BE SPONTANEOUS: Catch a matinee movie. Take a road trip. Do something on a whim. The second trimester is the time of your pregnancy when you can still embrace your independence, (ahem, you don't need your partner to tie your shoes... yet). So when …

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1 Key to being a Great Mom

Women's natural instincts to be great moms can unfortunately lead to a real imbalance in the family and cause a lot of unnecessary suffering. So often in today's homes, the women are overburdened with parenting responsibilities while the men feel like second class parents. Fortunately, it's quite possible to prevent this painful dynamic and support your family to thrive. This week's video shows the mom's what they can do to help their half of the equation. Watch more including the …

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Dress Rehearsal: Braxton-Hicks contractions

Contractions a few weeks early? Here's the scoop on Braxton-Hicks. When Raelynn Glispin experienced contractions during the 36th week of her first pregnancy, they caught her by surprise; she wasn’t sure what they were.“When you’ve never had a contraction before, you aren’t positive if it’s Braxton Hicks or actual labor,” says Glispin, a mother of two in Oxford, MA. “With my second baby, I clearly knew the difference and wasn’t surprised.”Braxton Hicks, so named …

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6 ways to avoid vericose veins from pregnancy

Do your best to avoid vericose veins Varicose veins are mainly a hereditary condition, but doctors actually see them two to four times more frequently in women than in men. The reason? Pregnancy. Your growing uterus, along with weight gain and fluid retention, all put extra pressure on the vein walls, which can accelerate vein damage.Wearing compression or support hose controls leg swelling and stops blood from pooling in your leg veins. “If you have a family history of varicose veins, I …

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6 ways to treat a new mom right

If you're the first among your friends to join the motherhood club, chances are, they don't know squat about babies. What's worse, they probably don't know much about those first raw, emotional and painful days of being a mom. Help them out by sharing these tips for treating a new mom right. You'll thank us once your baby arrives! Pause We know you're eager to meet this adorable bundle of joy your pal has brought into the world, but we urge you to take a pause. Instead of rushing to the …

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Breastfeeding blocks harmful effects of pollution

Adding yet another item to the list of miracles breastfeeding accomplishes, a new report finds that nursing moms can protect their newborns from environmental pollution - at least for a short while. Just by the nature of living in high density areas, city dwellers have long contended with an increase in pollution exposure. More automobiles on the road and more factories at the roadside mean greater levels of nitrogen dioxide and other potentially harmful pollutants. Knowing this, Spanish …

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