Children After Cancer: What You Need to Know

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer as a 36-year-old newlywed, my husband and I had to put off our plans for trying to conceive our first child-and I joined an ever-growing club of younger cancer survivors. There are over a million people in America today who've survived cancer and are still under the age of 45, and 100,000 more men and women get diagnosed with cancer every year while still of reproductive age. Pregnancy comes with an onslaught of challenges and questions for women …

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Dealing with grief during pregnancy

Pregnancy is supposed to be the happiest time of a woman's life. But what if something dramatic happens that shatters that happiness, such as the loss of a close family member or a beloved pet? Will the negative emotions you feel harm your baby? How can you process the loss while also feeling excitement about your growing baby?The elevated hormone levels and physical changes in your body that come with pregnancy can make it so much harder to deal with significant life events. Even the …

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Bed Fellows

(Needham Lane Men’s Yarn-Dye Woven Pajama Top in Blue Stripe, $78 for set,; Boob Capri Leggings in Jeans Blue, $45, The right pj’s can be an expectant mom’s best friend. Here are a few worthy of wearing all day. Photography by Mark Madeo Styling by Kasey Blue Hair & Makeup by Renee RaelChoose BREATHABLE COTTONS, no matter the season. (Boob Nursing Smock Top in White, $95,; Needham Lane Men’s Yarn-Dyed Woven …

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Make Room for Daddy

Here’s how to step back and let the bonding—and his share of the work—begin By Nanny Stella of Nanny 911So you think you want to get dad more involved with the overall care of the baby? I say think because you really aren’t sure—part of you believes it’s your job to be the main caregiver, and another part of you is ready for him to get off his butt and participate!Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he’s scared and nervous. Resistance to handling a …

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Get The Picture?

Join us for a rare inside peek at a labor-and-delivery room. Have a good look now—chances are you won’t notice much once you’re in labor. By Emily Bloch Photographs by Lisa Franchot Special thanks to Good Samaritan Hospital, Los AngelesStart to finish, here’s what it looks like...The nurses at the registration desk will likely welcome you with warm smiles, no matter how you look when you get off the elevator. Most hospitals will offer a “pre-admission” option, allowing …

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Build A Better Baby

Yes, you can alter baby’s DNA for the greater good. Here’s how to start right now By Michael Roizen, M.D., and Mehmet Oz, M.D. authors of YOU: Having a Baby: The Owner’s Manual to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy Illustration by Aaron BihariThere’s nothing quite like the emotional juxtaposition of pregnancy. On one hand, you’re thrilled, elated, and impatient for your baby’s first smile, babble, and hug. On the other hand, you may feel anxious about a million unknowns—about what’s …

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Plan The Right Way for the Big Day

Not sure what to expect from labor? Prepare yourself with this birth plan advice and handy questionnaire By Emily LovelyLike Kegel exercises and reading the final chapters in that massive pregnancy manual beside your bed, writing a birth plan is worth the effort pre-delivery—and it can also help ease your anxiety about labor.Of course, you can’t control how your bundle of joy makes his grand entrance, so a birth plan isn’t actually a plan. Instead, think of it as a short list …

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9 Months of Mocktails

Celebrate right up to delivery with these amazing non-alcoholic drink recipes By Kate Geagan, M.S., R.D. For some, saying bye-bye to booze is a cinch. But the prospect of 40 dry weeks can be puzzling—even for the most devoted mom-to-be. Fortunately, with these alcohol-free recipes, you can keep hosting girls’ night in style. Despite what your friends may say about “the women in France,” alcohol when you’re expecting is definitely a no-no; it can cause a range of serious conditions …

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I can do what with my placenta?

Oh, the placenta. Of course you know its functions during pregnancy: supplying the fetus with maternal nutrients and disposing of waste. But you might be surprised to learn what some people are doing with the placenta after delivery!Using placenta extracts for facials is all the rage in some cities (including Hollywood). The claim is that they help rebuild cells, accelerate tissue regeneration, and do even more miraculous feats by replacing the vital nutrients that are lost during …

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Do You Have Mom-Tuition?

Those faint voices coming from inside are actually your first whispers of mother’s intuition. Here’s how to honor your new role and hear—loud and clear—what you already know By Ziba Kashef, Editor at Large Illustration by John WebsterAsk a group of moms if they’ve ever had sixth sense about their child and you’ll be flooded with eerie examples and jaw-dropping anecdotes. Like the newly pregnant mom who had a dream about a co-worker telling her she was having a boy—and nine …

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