Ask the Doctor: Inducing labor raises risk of Cesarean?

Q: Does inducing labor increase the chance of a Cesarean Section at birth or in future births?A: No. Inducing labor does not increase the risk of an emergency C-section for births occurring in Week 39 or later. However, if induction is required before a full 39 Weeks, the risk does increase. …

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Worst environmental hazard in house for new baby?

Q: What is the worst environmental hazard in the house for a new baby? A: For a baby, who spends about 94% of his or her time in a house and/or daycare center, one of the most hazardous environmental issues is chemical exposure. More than 80,000 chemicals are used to make the products that we use …

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Mentally ill baby?

Q: How early in my baby's life can I determine if there are signs of mental illness? Or is a fussy baby a sign of potential mental illness?A: Babies are different. Some come into the world screaming then settle down quickly once they arrive. Others keep screaming and fussing for months. Some babies …

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Ask the Doctor: Most common food allergies for babies?

Q: What are the most common food allergies among babies and children?A: Babies and toddlers are most likely to be allergic to egg whites, milk or peanuts when tested, according to a very large study by Quest Diagnostics. Specifically, 37% of infants and toddlers tested were sensitive to egg …

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Ask the Doctor: Food allergies a Life Sentence for My Baby?

Q: Are food allergies a life sentence for my child?A: While many children eventually outgrow their food allergies, others go on to develop other allergies, such as to ragweed, mold and pet dander. This progression of sensitivity to different allergens is called the “allergy march,” and can …

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Ask the expert: Best financial step for a new baby?

Q: What is the best financial step parents should take to help their kids financially? A: Start early.  Ask any first-year financial planning student what is the most important ingredient to building a secure retirement and they will answer, – “Time.”The earlier you start saving and …

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Ask the Baby Nurse: What are must-haves in bag for hospital?

Q: What are the must-have items to pre-pack in a bag for the hospital? A: When packing for the big day, focus on the essentials. As you near the end of your third trimester of pregnancy and start thinking about getting a bag together for the hospital, I have two words of advice: pack light! …

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Ask the expert: Flexible jobs after the baby arrives?

Q: What is the best way for pregnant moms to investigate flexible types of work post-baby? A: Flexible work for parents is a fantastic way to have the best of both worlds: more time with your child and earning an income. Many parents don't realize that there are great flexible jobs available in …

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Ask the doctor: Do all babies get colic?

Q:Do all babies get colic an can it be prevented? A: Not all babies appear to develop what is called colic. The typical colic baby describes the baby with inconsolable crying that does not respond to the usual comfort measures, often occurring at the same time of day, usually evenings. Realize that …

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Earliest to start swim lessons with baby?

Q:When is the earliest I can take my baby for swim lessons, and what's the best way for a baby to learn survival or swimming skills? A: The answer may vary slightly from teacher to teacher, but most agree that a gentle fun program has a great advantage if you begin when your little one has …

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