Doula Jill Says

Q: How can I explain to my husband that a doula won't replace him at our baby's birth?A: This is a great question for you and your husband to explore with doulas you're interviewing. A quality doula can clearly communicate, in words and deeds, that your marriage or partnership is the primary …

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Advice from Dr. Weiss

Q: I'm in my second trimester and the doctor suspects I have placenta previa. Will I have to have a C-section? I wish there were some way around it.A: You might not have to have surgery- if it turns out you don't have placenta previa. The condition causes the placenta to overlap your cervix, …

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Separation Anxiety

Q: I'm very anxious about my baby being separated from me in the hospital. What can I do?A: You have strong and powerful maternal instincts! When a first-time mom can say out loud in her pregnancy that she wants to stay with her baby, she's activating a powerful mothering space within. Anxiety …

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Advice from Dr. Weiss: When Dark Spots Appear

Q: This is my second pregnancy, and a dark spot that cropped up on my forehead during my first pregnancy has reappeared with a vengeance. It never really went away, and now it’s so dark people ask if something’s on my face. Is there anything I can do about it while I’m pregnant?A: I …

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Doula Jill Says: Making a Prenatal Connection

Q: What are ways that I can connect and bond with my baby before she is born? How can my partner get involved, too?A: Consider multi-sensory activities that allow you to focus inward, like making a collage for your baby, drawing or painting images of birth, sculpting with clay, singing, even …

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Ask Dr. Dana: Vaccination 411

Q: I’m pregnant with twins and have questions about vaccinations. Do I need to give the babies the first Hepatitis B shot while they’re in the hospital? I’ve heard so much conflicting information about vaccines, and I’m very confused. Do I have to decide before I deliver?A: No, you …

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Night Shift

Q: I'm having trouble staying asleep. What can I do?A: Have you considered that your interrupted sleep could be preparing you to meet your baby's needs? Human babies are dependent creatures who need lots of attention, often in the middle of the night, which seems to me a valid enough reason for …

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Don’t Take It Lying Down

Q: I'm birthing in a hospital, but I don't want to have to be on my back in bed. What are my options?A: It sounds like you already know the benefits of freedom of movement in labor and birth. Standing up, for example, allows gravity to help put the baby's head on your cervix. Research continues …

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Can Medicine Confirm a Feeling?

Q: Is it possible to feel yourself conceiving? I swear I know the exact moment I became pregnant, but my family thinks I'm a little nuts. Is there any medical evidence for this?A: I can find no research to support a physical ability to recognize the moment of conception. But I can't argue …

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Is 25 The New 40?

By Sandra HumeAt first all you see are the photos. They line both sides of the hallway in the neonatal intensive care unit at Baptist St. Anthony’s Hospital in Amarillo, TX. They are poster-sized and framed under glass. Children—babies to school-aged—larger than life, all smiling, …

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