Breastfeeding Battles

Q: My mother is against breastfeeding and my husband is very pro-breastfeeding. What can I do to deal with their different opinions?A: You're not alone in experiencing this generational divide. Our mothers, and even their mothers before them, likely didn't breastfeed. Today, we know the health …

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Employee Privilege

Q: My co-workers constantly tell me my desires and preferences for labor aren't going to happen - how can I handle that?A: Your workplace may not be the right environment to share birth preferences or post-natal priorities. Birth is very personal. After all, it's part of our human sexuality and …

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It’s A Stretch

Q: I apply a generous amount of baby oil gel on my tummy and breasts one to two times a day to prevent stretch marks. Will the absorption of the product do any harm to me or to my baby? Will baby oil gel even prevent stretch marks?A: Baby oil is safe to use externally as a moisturizer, and …

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Nutritional Information

Q: Is it OK if I occasionally skip my prenatal vitamin? In my first trimester, I would avoid it if I was feeling particularly nauseous that day. And, honestly, sometimes I just forget. I’ve never been a regular vitamin-taker. Can I get the nutrients in it by changing my diet, instead?A: Of …

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Wall of Sound

Q: I’m a singer in two rock bands, surrounded by extremely loud music several times a week. I read that a mom’s noisy job can lead to retardation and hearing loss in her baby. Even though stars like Gwen Stefani tour while pregnant, I feel there’s no comparison—my speakers and the …

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Just Your Type

Q: My blood type is negative. I’ve heard this might complicate my pregnancy. What do I need to know?A: What you’re referring to is your Rhesus type or Rh factor. Two things typically characterize blood type: the letters O, A, B, or AB and positive or negative Rh status. Because a baby’s …

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Safe Relief

Q: I recently had a root canal. I probably got pregnant during the next week, based on how far along I am, but I didn’t know it then, so I took three Vicodin on three separate days to help with the pain. Could this have caused harm to my baby?A: You’re in the clear. Vicodin is a combination …

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Flow Woes

Q: I have discharge that smells bad down there. Is that normal?A: Because this could indicate an infection, a foul-smelling discharge should prompt you to get an exam from the doctor. But there are a few “normal” causes for an unpleasant vaginal odor when you’re pregnant. First, a change …

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Baby Beats

Q: Before pregnancy, I felt little heart flutters from time to time when I was nervous or suddenly exerted myself. Since I’ve been pregnant, I get them several times a day and not for any obvious reason. Is that anything to be concerned about?A: The flutters are probably heart palpitations, a …

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