Off limits! 5 foods you should avoid during pregnancy

From the first time you visit the doctor to confirm your pregnancy until your last prenatal appointment, your health care provider will continually remind you of foods that you can and cannot eat. Trust us, we know just how hard it can be to fight off the urge to indulge on a delectable plate of your favorite sushi or sip on a glass of wine after a hard day at the office. However, you should remain vigilant in staying away from these foods because they can cause severe damage to your …

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5 ways you’re making morning sickness worse

One of the most difficult parts about the first trimester of your pregnancy is dealing with morning sickness. This is very common in pregnancy, and most women experience at least some nausea. Feeling sick typically begins during the first month of pregnancy and can last well into the 16th week. However, some women experience morning sickness throughout their entire pregnancy. Although you may worry that feeling so sick can hurt your baby, it doesn't. You …

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Check out these 4 tips for getting through pregnancy fatigue!

There's no easy way to put this: Pregnancy will leave you feeling more exhausted than you've ever felt before (especially during your first trimester). Women typically feel the most exhausted during the first trimester and again when it returns toward the end of pregnancy. In fact, most women feel constantly tired before they start to show or even gain any weight, which is why fatigue is one of the most common early warning signs that you may be growing a baby inside your …

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Why your first trimester is the most important for your baby’s heart health

A recent study conducted by Dutch researchers and published in the peer-reviewed BMJ found that the first three months of pregnancy is a crucial time for a baby's hearth health later in life. Researchers concluded that children who were small during the early stages of fetal development were at an increased risk of heart problems once they were older.Nearly 1,200 six-year-old children were assessed for cardiovascular risk factors as part of the study, …

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5 tips for relieving breast pain during pregnancy

Your body undergoes many changes throughout pregnancy, and one of the more painful side effects is swollen and tender breasts. When your hormones start to do their work on your body, it causes an increase in blood flow and changes in breast tissue. As a result, you may experience sore, tingly, sensitive and swollen breasts. You may have noticed that breast tenderness was one of the first indications that you were pregnant. Changes to your breast, including swelling and sensitivity, can …

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5 tips to avoid being that crazy pregnant lady

Your pregnancy hormones may not be in full-swing yet, but it won't be long before they're taking over your body. This isn't as scary as it sounds, but you should be aware of your emotional health throughout your journey to motherhood. There are plenty of emotional ups and downs that you'll experience during pregnancy. From mood swings to bouts of depression, you may not even notice that hormones have started to wreak havoc on your body. You should know that …

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5 girlfriend secrets for an easier labor

You're still in the early stages of pregnancy but labor and delivery are probably already weighing on your mind. Between the horror stories you've heard from friends and family and the stuff that you've read in books, you may not be sure what to think of it all, and you might even be a little scared. When you're preparing for childbirth, you can't just take some classes and show up, you've really got to get ready for this. It's going to be …

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3 reasons you shouldn’t be afraid to gain weight during pregnancy

The old adage "You're eating for two now" during pregnancy still finds its way into conversation, but in reality, this isn't really true. You're still in charge of consuming a healthy diet and managing your weight gain. However, you should remember that gaining weight during pregnancy is totally normal, depending on your pre-pregnancy weight. According to the Mayo Clinic, you may want to think about these guidelines for pregnancy weight gain: Women …

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Your pregnancy journey [Infographic]

There's a lot that you'll go through on your journey to motherhood, so we're taking a moment to highlight some of the most important experiences along the way.First trimester Although you should quit any bad habits before you get pregnant, you'll definitely want to be sure that you're no longer drinking caffeine, drinking alcohol or consuming certain foods by week 4. One day you'll wake up and notice you're feeling pretty sick. Morning sickness usually starts between weeks 5 and 7 and can …

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What our Facebook readers think of the heartburn myth!

We all know the "myth" that if you have terrible heartburn during your pregnancy then your baby is going to grow a lot of hair. While most dismiss this as an old wives tale, it actually turns out that there is a connection between the two. Previously, we at Pregnancy Magazine talked about how researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that women who reported more severe heartburn gave birth to babies with hair. In fact, 23 of the 28 pregnant women delivered a child with a head …

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