Top 10 healthy snacks to curb pregnancy cravings

The combined activities of eating for two and combating morning sickness make mealtime tough for many women during a pregnancy. How are you supposed to get those extra calories in if you can't even stomach them? One way to sidestep nausea after eating is to separate your food into snacks rather than large meals, which could also help prevent heartburn. These smaller portions are more manageable for your stomach, and they give you the opportunity to indulge in plenty of different foods to …

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Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald soon to flaunt second bump

Kelly Macdonald, the Scottish actress who stars in Boardwalk Empire, is expecting her second child with husband Dougie Payne, who's the bassist in the band Travis. The couple's first born is 4-year-old son Freddie, who will be expecting a brand new sibling sometime in December, according to Kelly's the one who will be sporting that baby bump for the majority of her pregnancy, it's apparently Dougie who's likely to be the favorite parent."We don’t have a nanny, and …

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Pregnancy Week 7 – almost time to break the news!

YOUR CHANGING LIFE Noticing both positives and negatives It's week seven of your pregnancy, and you might still be feeling a bit rough if you experienced the onset of morning sickness last week. While this nausea may not go anywhere soon (it's usually gone after 14 weeks for about half of women, and about four weeks after that for the remaining expectant moms), it's not the only big change that's occurred in your body recently. While no one can tell that you're pregnant …

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Vanessa Lachey getting ready to bid adieu to baby bump

While Vanessa and Nick Lachey have been very open about how much they've been loving the pregnancy period, they're more than ready to welcome their new member of the family into the world. In fact, they've been doing a lot of things when it comes to getting ready for baby, despite the fact that they both lead very busy lives."The nursery's ready, we got the stroller, we got the car seat," the former boy band member told Us Weekly Magazine. "Now it's just emotionally figuring out what we do, …

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Is working late into your pregnancy affecting your baby?

Quitting work two months earlier than your due date sounds like a fantasy to many moms, but new research suggests that stopping work early could be beneficial to your unborn baby. While you might not have a choice because of your company's maternity leave policy, this study could potentially impact the standard amount of maternity leave that's granted to U.S. women in the future. Researchers at the University of Essex in England found that mothers who continued to work past eighth …

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Ron Livingston’s wife will soon sport first baby bump

Ron Livingston, the actor whose notable roles include Peter Gibbons in Office Space and Carrie Bradshaw's boyfriend Jack Berger in Sex and the City, is reportedly expecting his first child. His wife Rosemarie DeWitt, who's also been on the big screen and TV shows like Mad Men, will soon be sporting a baby bump."Everything is going really well, and Rosemarie has been telling friends she's super excited to become a mom," a friend of the couple revealed to Life & Style Magazine.The …

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Malaysian woman competes in Olympics while 8 months pregnant

The thought of exercise while pregnant is daunting for many women, especially during the final trimester when just walking up and down the stairs with a big baby bump becomes a workout. So can you imagine competing in the Olympic Games with an almost full-grown baby in your belly? It seems like a crazy idea, but Malaysian air rifle shooter Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi already did it. According to Fox Sports, the women's air rifle event was the first medal opportunity in the 2012 London Summer …

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Jennifer Nettles takes her bump to a concert stage

Most people can't imagine taking the stage to sing in front of thousands of people, let alone doing it with a growing baby bump in tow. However, Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles, who's pregnant with her first child, recently performed with Kristian Bush at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Florida, showing off her belly.Photos posted on Us Weekly Magazine's website show the singer crooning in a multicolored printed tank top and lime green shorts. She accessorized with pink feathered …

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Softball star Jennie Finch to sport third baby bump

Jennie Finch, the retired softball pitcher who helped the US Olympic team score a gold in Athens and a silver in Beijing, is pregnant with her third child. Already parents to sons Ace, 6, and Diesel, 13 months, Jennie and her MLB player husband Casey Daigle are excited about getting ready for baby."Casey & I are beyond blessed to share with you that we are expecting Baby #3!" she shared on her Twitter page. "We couldn’t be any more thrilled! ;)"According to Jennie's guest blog …

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Conceiving Part 3: Your 40s

It may have taken a while, but now that you're preparing for pregnancy as a woman in your 40s, you might be asking yourself if you're still at a good age. Is your body still capable of producing eggs? Are you too set in your ways to be a flexible parent? Have all those years of saving paid off? Here's what you need to know about conceiving in your 40s. There's no shame in focusing more on yourself in your 20s and 30s by not having kids, but once you hit 45, many experts say …

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