Okay, your water just broke – relax!

If you're getting ready for baby and are rapidly approaching your due date, you're probably getting a bit anxious about when and where your water will break - as well as what you should do immediately afterward. Despite what you may think, you won't always go into labor following the rupture of the amniotic sac - it may take hours or even days for some women. When your water breaks, you'll likely feel a trickle or gush of fluid. It's not always easy to tell whether it's …

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Melissa Joan Hart doesn’t know what’s underneath her bump

Melissa Joan Hart and her husband, Mark Wilkerson, have two little boys and are currently expecting their third child. The actress recently showed up at the premiere of the film What to Expect When You're Expecting and told People Magazine that she doesn't know if she's having a boy or a girl this time.Proving that pregnancy clothes can be chic and flattering, Melissa showed up to the premiere in Los Angeles wearing a gorgeous printed floor-length gown. The blue, white and green …

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Alyson Hannigan: still a pregnancy fashion icon

If you're preparing for pregnancy, you might be wondering what kinds of maternity outfits you'll end up wearing. For a bit of inspiration, all it takes is a look at the pregnancy clothes that Alyson Hannigan's been showing off throughout these past few months. The How I Met Your Mother actress has been seen out and about flaunting numerous enviable ensembles. Alyson was recently spotted with her husband, Alexis Denisof, and their daughter, three-year-old Satyana, enjoying the …

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Anna Faris introduces baby bump in chic attire

Anna Faris, the young comedic actress who shined in The House Bunny and the Scary Move franchise, recently revealed that she's pregnant with her first child. According to People Magazine, Anna debuted her baby bump the day after making the announcement at the premiere of her new movie, The Dictator, with Sacha Baron Cohen, at the Royal Festival Hall in London, England. The beautiful blonde arrived wearing a chic red wrap-dress made from silky material with a deep slit in the front that …

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Drew Barrymore takes her bump for a spin at the ballet

Drew Barrymore and fiancé Will Kopelman are expecting their first child sometime in the near future, and while rumors are rampant regarding the sex of the baby, Drew has yet to make any statements about her pregnancy, reports Celebrity Baby Scoop. However, she was recently seen at the New York City Ballet's 2012 Spring Gala sporting a lovely ensemble and a blink-and-you'll-miss-it blossoming midsection. While Will looked dashing in a well-tailored suit and black bow-tie, Drew was …

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Pregnancy vocab lesson: Linea Nigra

In your second trimester, you may look down at your growing belly one day to discover a dark line running from your belly button to your pubic area. Before you reach for the cocoa butter in a panic thinking that it's some kind of stretch mark, you should know that this line is perfectly normal, and that it's called the linea nigra. But what exactly is it? There's no real purpose of the linea nigra - old wives' tales have claimed that it's a way to determine the sex of your …

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Snooki prepares to be a loving mama

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, who got her start on MTV's The Jersey Shore, isn't known for her responsibility. Rather, she's gotten a lot of attention from her crazy antics on the show and for her at-times questionable fashion choices. However, she's gearing up to be a great mama, reports V Magazine. "Everyone will be surprised to see a different side of me," she told the source when asked about her pregnancy. "I'm loving, caring, sensitive, protective …

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App review: iBreastfeed

Price: Free Worth it: Possibly If you're pregnant with your first child and approaching the second half of your third trimester, it may be time to decide whether you'll be breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your little one. There are benefits to each method, but if you're looking to get more information about breastfeeding, Medela's iBreastfeed app might be worth downloading onto your smartphone. With this application, mom-to-bes can use the Breastfeeding Resource Guide to learn …

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Gas bubbles…or early fetal movement?

If you're pregnant with your first child, you may be wondering when you're going to start feeling your unborn baby move. Will you suddenly look down at your stomach and see a bulge from a little foot? Feel a sharp jab near your ribs? How will you know it's your little one when there are other things going on in your abdomen, like hunger pangs, gas bubbles and stomach gurgles? Here are some facts to consider. Typically, fetuses start moving when they're around 7 or 8 weeks old. …

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The scoop about sleeping on your back

It's no secret that catching some sleep during a pregnancy can be a lot harder than it normally is. With heartburn, leg cramps, insomnia, back pain and constant trips to the bathroom, getting a good night's rest might seem like a nightmare for some women. Staying comfortable is also a frequent problem, as you'll find that many of your usual nighttime positions are no longer possible - including sleeping on your belly and, after the first trimester, snoozing on your back. You know …

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