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    Pregnancy Week 27 – Taking wacky pregnancy symptoms in stride

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Learning to love your new puffy, swollen self Welcome to week 27 of your pregnancy. Last week, you started to feel the weight of your growing baby in a big way, experiencing leg aches, headaches, cramps and fatigue. While you may have hoped that the worst was over, you were - unfortunately - just getting started. In week 27, your symptoms will really start to run the gamut of the weird and wacky - as if they weren't already. Around this time in your pregnancy, which …

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    Pregnancy Week 26 – Embracing your labor of love

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Overcoming the challenges of backaches, leg cramps and pregnancy brain Welcome to week 26 of your pregnancy. In week 25, your burgeoning bump swelled to become the size of a soccer ball and your hair took on an abnormally shiny - but ultra luxurious - sheen that made you even more of an attention-grabber. But in week 26, it's a whole new ballgame. You're at the tail end of your second trimester, and with all the changes your body's been through over the last …

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    Pregnancy week 25 – Getting to know your soccer ball-sized bump

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE You won't have to wait to become a full-fledged soccer mom Welcome to week 25 of your pregnancy. In week 24, you duked it out with stretch marks and scheduled a glucose screening test with your healthcare provider. While it's a good idea to keep that cocoa butter handy during week 25 - after all, stretch marks can happen at any time! - there are more than enough things going on during this period of your second trimester to keep you occupied. You may have noticed …

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    Pregnancy week 24 – Bracing yourself for the big changes ahead

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Better grab that cocoa butter - it's stretch mark season! Welcome to week 24 of your pregnancy. You're well past the hump of your pregnancy and it should all be easy street, right? Well, not exactly. Things you knew would happen eventually - like stretch marks - are finally starting to arrive during this trimester, and with them come a whole new host of concerns. If you don't want those itchy and shiny streaks to stretch across your skin, go for some cocoa …

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    Pregnancy week 23 – Stop and listen to the music, but don’t forget to prepare!

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Don't be afraid to put your feet up Welcome to week 23 of your pregnancy. The second trimester is in full swing and your baby is definitely making his or her presence known in your daily life. Your body is starting to take on a rounder, more feminine shape. While some relatives may insist you're still too small to seem pregnant, many people around you are probably picking up on your new state just from your glow. Those old aches and pains from week 22 are still …

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    Pregnancy week 22 – Staying intimate no matter what

    YOUR CHANGING LIFETry two pillows and looser shoes Welcome to week 22 of your pregnancy. You're beyond the halfway point and are easing into the second half of your pregnancy by now, probably feeling better in the process. While some moms might still be experiencing nausea, fatigue and morning sickness (it can happen through all three trimesters, unfortunately), many feel great this week. If you're not in the latter category - don't worry. It'll be over before you know it! So what's going …

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    Pregnancy week 21 – Mid-pregnancy bliss may still come with anxiety

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Feeling good - you knew that you would! Welcome to week 21 of your pregnancy. Now that you're past the halfway point, you probably feel like you're getting better at this whole pregnancy thing. Annoyances like back pain, heartburn and the stress of planning might still be pretty difficult to deal with, but plenty of great things are happening, too. Here's what's going on with your body this week. In the middle of the second trimester of pregnancy, most …

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    Pregnancy week 20 – You’re halfway there!

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Yep, you definitely look pregnant! Welcome to week 20 of your pregnancy. This week is a cause for celebration - you're halfway through your pregnancy! The first half may have seemed a bit tedious while you were getting used to your pregnancy symptoms, but from here on out it should be smoother sailing. So what's going on with your body at this point? Right now, the top of your uterus is at about the same level as your belly button, and it should be pretty obvious …

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    Pregnancy week 19 – Waxy coatings and name-choosing tips

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Get ready for leg cramps and darker skin Welcome to week 19 of your pregnancy. By now, you might consider yourself a pro when it comes to the ins and outs of pregnancy symptoms and finding maternity clothes that flatter your ever-expanding belly. But there are still a lot of changes taking place this week - some of which you may not have experienced before. You might feel like you're already pretty huge, but you're only going to get bigger over the next several …

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    Pregnancy week 18 – Coping with symptoms and budgeting for baby

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE More aches. More pains. More swelling. Welcome to week 18. You're almost halfway through your pregnancy, and by now you might've started to feel the first signs of your baby's movement (don't worry - it's normal if you haven't yet). While your baby's been growing up a storm, your waistline's been expanding too, but what exactly is going on this week? Well, at this point, your uterus is roughly the size of a cantaloupe, so it's …

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