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    Pregnancy week 17 – Planning for your growing bump

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Can I touch your bump? Welcome to week 17. By now, your baby bump is probably starting to show and friends, family members and even strangers can now tell that you're definitely pregnant. While it's up to you whether you want to let people touch your bump (you can almost count on being asked at some point), there's no denying how great it feels to finally be showing. But what else is going on with your body this week? For starters, you might have noticed that …

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    Pregnancy week 16 – Be on the lookout for movement!

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE From shiny hair to nasal strips Welcome to week 16. At this point, you're probably settling into pregnancy and starting to get used to the strange symptoms you've been experiencing, although many of the worst ones (morning sickness, frequent trips to the bathroom, aching breasts) might be gone. So what's going on with your body this early in the second trimester? One thing you may have noticed more often is that your back hurts. As your baby bump grows, your …

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    Pregnancy week 15 – Celebrating the end of the first trimester

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Gaining weight and losing breath Welcome to week 15 of your pregnancy - the first week of your second trimester. By now, you're probably getting used to the sensation of pregnancy and all of its side effects, and hey, maybe you're even starting to enjoy it! While you still have two trimesters to go, the time may seem to go by faster now that you're likely free of the lethargy and morning sickness that often plague women during the first several weeks. So …

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    Pregnancy week 14 – Happy first week of your second trimester!

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE No pain, no gain Welcome to week 14 of your pregnancy - the first week of your second trimester. It probably seems like you've been down a long, winding and somewhat painful road to get to this point, but relax - you're probably feeling better already! Now that morning sickness is likely subsiding and you're feeling more energetic, you might start to feel like normal again. But what kinds of changes are happening with your body this week?For starters, you …

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    Pregnancy week 13 – The long-awaited end of the first trimester

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Sayonara morning sickness, hello energy Welcome to week 13 of your pregnancy, the last week of your first trimester. It may have felt like this glorious time would never come, but now you should start to feel a bit better overall. Many women report that morning sickness starts to fade around this time along with fatigue, which means you'll likely have more energy and fewer emergency trips to the bathroom. So what else is going on with your body this week? Well, you might …

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    Pregnancy week 12 – Losing your sex drive and building a bump

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE No bump yet, but burns and spins Welcome to week 12, the second-to-last week of your first trimester! You may have had a rough time of it with all those mood swings, bathroom trips, fatigue and morning sickness, but pretty soon you'll start feeling a bit more normal (phew!). So what's going on with you this week? By now, your uterus has moved from the pelvic floor to the front of your abdomen, which means your doctor may be able to feel the top of it very low in …

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    Pregnancy week 11 – The light at the end of the morning sickness tunnel is in view

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Get ready to feel better! Welcome to week 11 of your pregnancy! The past several months have probably been pretty difficult with all of the morning sickness, heartburn, constipation and mood swings going on - those hormones have really been wreaking havoc. But the good news is that now that you're nearing the end of the first trimester, you should be starting to feel a bit better! (It's about time, huh?) Around this time, many women start to notice that their …

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    Pregnancy week 10 – unpleasant clogs, bendy prunes and exercise programs

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Feeling backed up? Welcome to week 10 of your pregnancy! If you've been having a pretty difficult time getting through your first trimester and all of its crazy changes (many moms-to-be do), cheer up! You're only a couple weeks away from the relief that the second trimester brings. But what's going on this week? By now, your womb is likely the size of a grapefruit, which might be part of why your clothes feel a bit more snug than usual. Your baby bump probably …

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    Pregnancy week 9 – Swinging moods, growing grapes and planning talks

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Plummeting down and soaring up Happy ninth week of pregnancy! You still don't look pregnant at this point, but chances are you're definitely feeling it. Unfortunately, that nausea, morning sickness, fatigue and growing pain hasn't subsided yet, but hopefully by now you've been able to figure out how to make the symptoms more bearable by altering your diet and taking time out of your busy schedule to relax. Although you don't have a bump yet, you …

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    Pregnancy week 8 – boobs and raspberries and tests, oh my!

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Getting bigger, but maybe not better It's the eighth week of your pregnancy, and you're probably experiencing the same old morning sickness and nausea that's been plaguing you for the past few weeks. While a tweaked diet and taking it easy might be helping you avoid emergency trips to the bathroom, there's still a lot going on with your body, and growth is one of the major aspects. First of all, you may find that your bras are feeling a bit tighter these …

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