Top 10 foods to boost your chances of conception

If you're ready to have a baby and have started the pre-pregnancy planning process, chances are you're looking for all the tips you can get when it comes to boosting your chances of conception. From figuring out the best days to get pregnant, to learning the most helpful vitamin supplements that will provide all the nutrients you need, getting pregnant involves more that just sex! Aside from getting down to business in the bedroom, consider altering your diet to include more …

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Are there any health benefits of pregnancy?

The biggest benefit of pregnancy is clearly that you're going to come out of it with a wonderful newborn in your arms. There are other temporary benefits that you may get while you're pregnant, too, like more glowing skin, thicker hair, bigger boobs and a judgment-free zone whenever you happen to reach for second helpings. But are there any health benefits of pregnancy that could carry over into life after having a baby? The answer is yes.Healthier lifestyle There are all kinds of …

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Emily Blunt and John Krasinski welcome first child

Emily Blunt, of "Looper" and "The Devil Wears Prada" fame, and her husband, John Krasinski, who starred in "The Office," welcomed their first child over the weekend and couldn't wait to share the news with their fans."Wanted to let the news out directly," Krasinski tweeted on his page. "Emily and I are so incredibly happy to welcome our daughter Hazel into the world today! Happy bday!"The 31-year-old actress revealed her pregnancy news back …

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5 fashion tips for a stylish pregnancy

Women's bodies go through a lot of changes during pregnancy, not all of which are favorable. Glowing skin might be a bonus, but one that could lead to more breakouts. Thicker, shinier hair on your head could be coupled with thicker hair on your arms and legs. And, of course, pregnancy comes with some added weight. All of these put together might make you less likely to feel as sexy as you should, but with the best maternity clothes, it's easier to feel good about how you look. Here …

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Is it OK to eat sushi during a pregnancy?

As soon as you find out that you're expecting, you're going to be confronted with a list of things you can't do while pregnant. You'll hear them from your doctor, your friends, your family members, your baby books and the pregnancy blogs you read. You'll be told to drastically cut back on alcohol consumption, avoid sleeping on your back, be careful not to do certain exercises and skip eating specific foods. It's a lot to take in, but it's important for the …

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Can eating spicy food really trigger labor?

In your search for natural pregnancy tips, you may have come across certain ways that women might be able to trigger labor. After all, who wouldn't like to speed up the process in the ninth month of pregnancy, when you're likely sick of being pregnant and can't wait to get that baby out of you? Things like having sex, getting acupuncture and going for a long walk are some ways that women try to get the process going. Another popular method is eating spicy food. But does eating …

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Graco recalls 3.8 million car seats for faulty buckle

The company Graco is recalling nearly 3.8 million children's car seats because the buckles may not unlatch in an emergency. Eleven models are included in the recall, including the Cozy Cline, Comfort Sport, Classic Ride 50, My Ride 65, My Ride with Safety Surround, My Ride 70, Size 4 Me 70, Smartseat, Nautilus, Nautilus Elite and Argos 70. The recall only affects the models made between 2009 and 2013.Despite the large number of seats that are already included in the recall, federal safety …

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Everything you need to know about epidurals

It's no secret that childbirth is a pretty painful experience. Talk to almost anyone who's gone through it, and she'll tell you it definitely didn't feel good. However, these days, childbirth doesn't have to be as painful as it usually is. Women today have the option of epidural anesthesia, and about 50 percent of women who give birth in hospitals opt to get it. But what exactly is an epidural, what are the positives and negatives, and how does it work? Here's a …

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How to handle a UTI during pregnancy

Pregnancy has its highs and lows, and while you may love certain aspects of being pregnant, others aren't as fun. Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, are one example of a common pregnancy ailment that women may have to deal with. You may have experienced a UTI before, which probably came with a frequent urge to pee and a burning sensation when you do. But are there differences in treatment and symptoms when you have a UTI during pregnancy? Here's what you need to know.How it …

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10 fun, cute ways to announce a pregnancy

Here's the scenario: You just took a pregnancy test to follow up on a hunch you've had for a while. This is the big moment. All of your hard work figuring out how to get pregnant naturally might finally be paid off. You look down at the test stick and ... it's positive! Now what do you do? This is hardly a secret you'll want to carry yourself, but what if your partner isn't home and you won't see your family and friends for a couple of days? It's time to do a little planning. There's nothing …

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